Five Brochure Colors That Increase Sales

Your company brochures are extremely important. The best way to find a color printing service that provides cheap color brochure printing is online. It is very important to consider the design and the colors used to make the brochure stand out.

Simply put, there are some colors that are better than others when it comes to making sales. Finding a color printing service that provides top quality color brochure printing is one thing, but you still need to ensure that you are using the right colors to attract eyes to your product.

With that in mind, here are the top five colors to use in a sales brochure.

  1. Green

Green is the color of choice for any company that wants to put forth an environmentally-friendly image. It is reminiscent of plant life and is a warm and inviting color that will instantly attract the attention of those who are conscious of the natural world and what is happening around them

Beyond that, it is also a powerful color. After all, green is the color of money in the United States so it is always going to evoke thoughts that are desirable for your customers to have about your products.

  1. Purple

If you want your marketing materials to have a touch of class to them then purple is the color for you. Not only does it have a rich texture that makes it instantly attractive to the eye, but it also carries regal overtones that will reflect well on the products in your brochure.

With the British royal family so prominent in today’s media, you can take advantage of the color purple to associate your brand with their popularity and power, making your products much more appealing.

  1. Black

One of the most versatile colors around, black goes with practically any color scheme you can think of and can make for a perfect contrast in brochures that predominantly use lighter and softer colors. IMPORTANT TIP: When making a black for printing, use a rich CYMK black 60C 40M 40Y 100K.

This means that you can use black to make an important aspect of the brochure stand out and catch the attention of the reader. Use it to highlight special offers and any other aspects of the brochure that you believe are quality selling points.

  1. Blue

The color of cool is the perfect choice for those who want to give their brand a trendy look that is sure to appeal to a younger and tech-savvy crowd.

Blue also comes with the added advantage of having multiple shades that can be used for many purposes. Lighter blues can be used to meld into a softer color scheme without looking too jarring, whereas darker blues are perfect for highlighting important aspects of the brochure.

  1. Red

Red is the color of power and is one of the most prominent colors in branding today. You simply need to think about how much it is used by fast food chains to realize how good the color is for catching the eye and drawing people towards it.

If you use red in your brochure it should be placed front and center to ensure the color is used to its maximum potential.

So there you have it. Five colors that you should consider when you are looking for a company that can provide color brochure printing cheap. With clever use of these colors in your branding you will draw more people to your brochure, increasing your chances of selling your products or services in the process.

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