Mommy Cards – the Latest Fad in Motherhood

Mommy Cards are the latest fad in motherhood. They are similar to business cards giving quick information about you and your child. They are an impressive way to pass important contact information to others.

mommy cards
They are great for handing out at a playground, school or any other place where you might want to keep in touch with other moms and their kids. Mommy cards are a quick and easy way to hand out information so playgroups, get-togethers and other events can be planned, so you have more free time for yourself or spend with your partner maybe using a top-tier remote control vibrator and other toys.

What you put on your card is up to you. You can list your name, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking user name (ie Facebook), and even the names and ages of your children. Mommy cards are great for busy moms to pass along their information without having to jot it down on a piece of paper that is often lost. Besides the usual contact information, you can also include fun stuff like little facts about your kids (favorite toy or animal) or fun little facts about you (what your favorite pastime is). You can even print a picture of yourself and/or your kids on your card. Be creative and customize your personal mommy cards to express something about you that’s not easily forgotten.

They may be called Mommy Cards, but they can be for dads too. The important thing is that they share contact information as well as allergy and/ or emergency phone numbers. These cards can help you keep and build new relationships and stay in touch with other parents and friends. Don’t forget, they’re great to give to the baby-sitter so that you can be contacted quickly if there’s a need.

Mommy cards are so convenient you won’t know how you got along without them. You no longer have to stop fumbling through your purse or diaper bag for pen and paper. Personalized custom cards are a very popular way to supply information you want to share and they are a perfect way to start friendships socializing with other parents. Ordering these cards online is cheap and easy. You’ll Impress others and make your life a little easier.

30 PT Plastic Cards for Multipurpose Marketing

Looking for thicker plastic cards? Ones that are like a credit card and will allow you to use them as a membership card,  gift card, or identification card. Our 30 pt plastic cards can do that. These plastic cards are 30 mil in thickness and are printed on white plastic with a silk or glossy finish. They are strong, waterproof and tear proof. Rounded corners come standard on these cards. Gloss finish is UV while Silk finish is a smooth matte.

These cards are 3.375″ x 2.125″ which is credit card size and they can be used for many marketing purposes and our plastic card printing is high quality, vibrant and full of choices. Many options are available such as foil, bar coding, hole/lanyard punch, magnetic strip, embossed numbering as well as variable data/scratch off w/ pin or signature panel.

Here are some examples:

Use them as a membership card.     showimage-2

or as a gift card.  showimage-1

Or use them for advertising purposes. showimage-3

or discounts.30mil3

or use them just to be different and to stand out from the competition.



However you use them, you will find them to outlast and out shine all other marketing pieces out there. Try them today and see for yourself.

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