Online full color foil business cards, trading cards, postcards and stickers from Color Printing Pros deliver valuable custom options making an unforgettable powerful presentation. Your business product or service can benefit from luxury branding through the use of colored foil cards.  Being able to take this type of marketing strategy will allow you to establish even more trust with your customers. When people really trust you, they are far more likely to purchase from you. Using foil cards to create a top quality brand can give your business an edge over your competitors.

Layout 1What is AkuaFoil?

Ever wanted to combine Silver Foil and Gold Foil on same card? Now you can. Akuafoil makes it easy to make all CMYK colors into a light reflecting metallic foil.

Create a products with just gold and Silver foil or use more foil colors. Your choices are limitless with Akuafoil. This unique foil effect is guaranteed to make your sales piece stand out and get noticed. Think it is expensive. You are wrong. Akuafoil is inexpensive and makes an impressive presentation that will be remembered.

What does using A Full Color Foil do?

This extraordinary unique printing effect adds interest to an otherwise boring sales piece. Using Akuafoil gives a high/low contrast between foiled and not foiled areas. Attention is given as eyes are attracted to the striking effects of full colored foils. With this effect, you can achieve blends and halftones.

Is it Difficult to Create Akuafoil?

No, creating akuafoil cards or products are easy and simple to do. Create your artwork exactly like you want it to look using colors and blends you want. Then create a grayscale 100%K mask (just like a spot UV mask) showing what areas you wish to be foiled.

Can I only Make Cards Full Color Foiled?

You can make other products not just Business Cards and Postcards full color foiled. Now you can color foil Trading Cards, Social Cards and Greeting Cards as well as Brochures, Flyers, Posters and Stickers. Using Akuafoil creates a WoW effect that leaves a lasting impression. Stand out from your competition by creating a one of a kind sales and marketing piece. Be remembered.

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Printed brochures are an ideal way for companies with large product lines to showcase their goods. If you are only presenting your line on your website, you are missing a large sales opportunity. Online brochures are proactive, meaning that potential customers must find you online (hopeful by a search engine). Chances are they will also find your competition. A strong advantage of a printed brochure is the fact that they are passive. You present your brochure to your customer base. They directly receive your full color brochure. You can target your market and they can view your product brochure without turning on a computer and connecting to a URL. Full color printed pages can be viewed more easily than a web page and they create a stronger impact. They can be easily shared with others and that can increase your distribution.

Many brochures are distributed at trade brochures_asstshows. The purpose of trade shows is to increase sales and attract new customers. Many companies with large product lines often introduce their new brochures at major trade shows. Frequent buyers look forward to seeing the new lines and products being offered in a new brochure. For many buyers, there is true anticipation and excitement in receiving a new brochure.


Although trade shows can be an overwhelmingly busy experience to attendees, one way to give them a lasting memory of you and your company is to present them with the most attractive high quality sales and marketing literature you can. There are a number of online companies that can provide these services. Color Printing Pros is such a online printing company that can fit all your needs. With our state of the art technology and the availability of gang run printing, the costs of printing a brochure is actually cheaper today than printing the same brochure ten years ago. Our full color printing service with our FREE aqueous coating on top quality 100 Lb coated text paper is our standard.

Color Printing Pros is there for you offering cheap trade prices without compromising service or quality. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed skill and professionalism. Communications between commercial printers and their clients is paramount in building a relationship. Therefore we are always available to discuss your project and when appropriate offer our expertise in suggesting possible alternatives that may save you time and money. We strongly believe it is better to build long term trust than to maximize profit on any job.

Booklets are Important Marketing Tools

Booklets and Catalogs are an integral part of most marketing plans. Companies have used Booklets (sometimes known as multi page brochures or catalogs) since the invention of the printing press. No other advertising, sales or marketing medium is as widely used as catalogs. The reason is simple, they work. The newest printing technologies have made booklet printing the cheapest it’s ever been. Color Printing Pros online printing service is a leading company offering affordable booklet printing at wholesale prices. By taking advantage of new eco-friendly coatings and finishes you can create a custom booklet or catalog that separates you from your competition and states you are concerned about the environment.  Unique catalogs can be created using Wow Effects. These multi page booklets can make your company stand out from your competition. Small and medium sized companies can now afford to level the playing field. They can use the same effects techniques at cheap prices. Now is the best time to print your company’s full color catalog.

Every great booklet has a clear, focused message. It should be designed in a visually compelling way. Your booklet should be to target to a specific audience. The unique benefit of the product or service should be quickly and easily understandable. It’s best when it tells a simple well written story on how it will make the receiver’s life better.  Use bullets to emphasis features and important points. Don’t get caught up in talking about yourself and the super product you have. Most customers only care about the end  result, not how you got there.

Color Printing Pros can add WOW Factor printing effects to your booklets so you can be sure to be seen and remembered. Contact us and see the possibilities.