Foil Printing – Cold Foil vs Hot Foil Printing


Foil has long been the standard to express the best in high quality printing.PR_FoilWorx_03
There are 2 ways to print using foil.


Cold foil printing is a 21st century hi-tech WOW FACTOR EFFECT marketing tool that makes printing gold, silver and every combination of CMYK foil colors easy to create. You can even make color blends and gradations. The way it works is that on a selected area you want to foil an adhesive is printed on the card A foil laminate is then sealed on top of the glue using UV light to cure and dry it. This process is done on a offset printing press so you don’t need expensive custom made dies and traditional hot foil stamping. This revolutionary eye candy printing technique cost less and attracts as much attention as the old way. At this time we can only print cold foil on standard 2 X 3.5 business cards and 4 X 6 postcards. This is a designer’s and marketer’s dream because it’s not only possible, it’s also affordable for the average small business.
Cold foil does not require a custom metal die.
Silver, Copper or Gold Foil printing as well as Akua Foil is printed in-line with the printing press.
It only requires a simple mask to indicate the foil area.
Registration is very accurate.
You can combine as many process colors as you want using Akua Foil.
You can make blends and gradations using AkuaFoil.
You can add high gloss Spot UV coating as an option.
The process is fast.
The process is more affordable than traditional hot foil stamping.
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Cold foil is not as bright as hot foil.
Colors are not as deep.
Dark colors are not recommended.


Hot foil stamping, also know as foil blocking, became practical in the 1950’s when new formulas for colored foils became possible and they did not fade. The way it works is a custom metal die (usually a magnesium die) is made of the area you want foiled. A foil stamping machine is then used to heat the die and pressure is applied to a roll of foil onto the substrate you want stamped. If printing is needed for the project, it is printed on an offset printing press first and then transferred to a stamping machine.
Foils are brighter and richer.
Holographic, Lenticular and Psychedelic colored foils are available.
You can use darker colors.
You can emboss or deboss foils.
You can emboss or deboss the substrate without foil.
You can make custom sizes with stamping.
You can use die cutting as an effect.
Tight registration can be a problem.
Dies are expensive.
Stamping dies are usually outsourced. The more steps and people in a job, the greater chance of problems. Who is responsible when there is a problem may occur.
Different foils have different cost.
Size of the custom die affects cost.
It is more expensive than Cold foil.
Custom quotes required.
Color Printing Pros provides both cold foil and hot stamping services. If needed, our customer service experts are always available for free consultation to help you decide the method and practices needed to meet or exceed your expectations.


Foil postcards are great for holidays as well as to highlight business. Postcards are among the least expensive form of direct mail marketing and they are easy to create. According to DMA 2010 Statistical Fact Book, 79% of households tend to read or scan the postcards sent to their homes resulting is high rate of response. Foil postcards can bring extra shine and flair to your businesses by attracting attention like a mini billboard. You can choose from silver, gold and copper foil postcards printed on 16 Pt. silk laminated card stock or plastic. Akuafoil postcards make every cmyk color into foil and are printed on 16 Pt. standard coated card stock. These foil postcards have the ability to standout and get noticed and are available with glossy UV or spot UV coating.

Gold, Silver and Copper Postcards           

PR_FoilWorx_02 Postcards can be printed in numerous ways and they come in different sizes. In order to get higher ROI, it is imperative that your postcards stand out when compared to your competitors. It’s understandable that the content of your postcard is very important, but what is more important is its design. People will only read the content of your card, if they find the design attractive and what better way to make the design eye-catching then by adding gold, silver or copper foil to it. The quality of your postcard depicts the image of your company therefore all your postcards should be printed on high quality cardstock.

On 16pt. silk cards you can add foil to one side or both sides of the card, but remember you can have only one type of foil on one card. For example, if you have opted for silver foil then your postcard can have only the silver foil on one side or all sides. It is not possible to have silver foil on one side and gold foil on the other. In-case you are looking for multi-color foil you should opt for Akuafoil postcards.

Akuafoil Postcards PR_Akuafoil_02

For people who want to add more foil colors that can be blended and gradated together, Akuafoil postcards offers them the chance to create multi-colored foiled postcards. You can now add the wide range of CMYK colors to create a multi-color foil that appeals to your aesthetic sense. Akuafoil is very simple, effective and affordable. It produces the same foil finish using a cold foil printing process that does not require expensive custom made metal dies and hot foil stamping. Since the inks are transparent, a layer of silver foil is applied under the colors that appear foil in Akuafoil printing process. The ink and foil align in order to create striking color foil effects. You can specify the exact area that will have the colored foil with a black mask that indicates where the foil is to be placed. To have effective results, you should choose a light CMYK color because Akuafoil look best with light colors. The darker your CMYK color is the less metallic your Akuafoil will look.

You can utilize the wide range of CMYK colors and turn them into multi-colored foils, thus creating unique and out of the box postcards. You can be as creative as you want to be, the design of your postcards is only limited by your imagination. So, think of ideas that are unique and attractive, get them printed and you will be amazed by the impact these distinctive postcards will have on your ROI.

With that said, printed postcards are a popular marketing promotion that people are use to seeing ln their mailbox. When it takes less then a second to toss it or read it you need to get attention immediately foil cards are the eye candy that separates yours against you competitors. So stand out and be noticed. And the best part is they are very affordable.

Gold And Silver Foil on Plastic Cards

Color Printing Pros introduces gold and silver foil on plastic cards to its line of Wow Factor Printing Effects. The cards are printed in full color with the addition of foil one side or both sides. These cards are printed on 20 Pt. white opaque plastic which is durable and strong. Foil is printed as a fifth color so dies and foil stamping are not needed thereby reducing the cost of the cards. Adding foil creates a dazzling effect.

Our foil on plastic cards are available in 6 sizes: 3.5 X 2 business cards, 3.375 X 2.125 credit card or membership cards, 3.5 X 2 Oval cards, 2.5 X 2.5 square social cards, 2 X 8 bookmarks or postcards and 4.25 X 6 postcards. They come with eighth inch or quarter inch rounded corners. Turn around time is 5-7 business days.

This product is designed to help businesses separate themselves from their competitors by using the latest high tech eye candy printing techniques. For the sales process to be complete, advertising, sales, branding and marketing collateral must be remembered by attracting attention. These cards will achieve that goal.

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