Brochures, pamphlets and leaflets are a printed and folded piece of paper used as an advertising tool for business and organizations to sell products, services, promote their brand and corporate image.  They are designed to tell a story about the benefits, products and or services a business provides. Most businesses need cheap brochure printing to achieve their marketing objectives.   Color Printing Pros offers free tips on printing and designing a brochure at our Help Center.
Your brochure design determines the success of your promotion.
Here are some design tips you should think about.
• Know your market and the competition before you design a unique brochure.
•  Don’t use more than 3 fonts, one for the heading, one for the subhead and one for the body copy. Make sure they are easily readable. Fine line serif fonts may not print well on busy or some come color backgrounds.
•  The paper stock should be at least 100 lb. book weight, 100 lb. cover weight or 14 pt. card stock. 16 pt. or heavier may crack when folded. For more information on choosing the right paper stock, read Choosing the Best Paper for Online Printing
• Avoid dark colored backgrounds on folds of heavier card stocks. They will call attention to any cracking.
•  Your design must be appropriate for the targeted market you want to reach. Ask yourself is the brochure for a handout at a trade show, to be mailed, used as a counter pickup or have some other use. Remember simple design works best.
•  Don’t try to impress the reader with fancy words or long detailed sentences.
Stay on point. Brochures should focus on the benefits to the customer. Explain how you product or service will make their life better. The reader doesn’t care about you or your company, Write as if you’re speaking with a friend.
 Remember brochures are a good way for professionals providing needed services to promote their businesses or practices.

Sales and Marketing Tools For Your Business – Finding The Right Ones

Tools are required for every business. Carpenters use hammers and saws. Doctors use diagnostic equipment. I don’t need to tell you what dentists use. The point is if you have a product or service, you need advertising, sales and marketing tools. These can be in whatever media you wish such as your website, your business card, flyers, brochures, postcards, catalogs and posters. They all work in different ways producing different results to a common end which is greater success.
If you are going to have a successful business, you need to have the right tools to build it. The tools you use are intended to make you money and the better the tools, the more money you will make. I recently bought a leather punch in a hardware store. There were 3 different sets with 3 different prices points. I only had a few holes to punch and the low price caught my eye. My thinking was why pay a higher price for it when it would probably only be used once. I went home thinking I solved the problem and saved some money. About halfway through the job the whole thing just came apart. I had to go back to the store and try to get my money back, lost the day I wanted to do the project and paid more in time, money and gas than I needed to. If I had approached the problem correctly from the start, this would not be the case. Lesson learned!! The interesting thing is two weeks later I had a need for a leather punch again and it work great on got the job done.
Everybody in business needs business cards. If you google cheap business cards, there are over 2 million choices. Most of us never get passed the first or second page. We look and compare a few sites and make a blind choice based only on intuition. There are some very good companies out there. Will you be lucky enough to pick the best one? Remember top position does not guarantee top quality or service. Did you pick the lowest price or the best value?
It’s always better to find the best value. Ask yourself- what am I getting for my money? What’s included in the price? If you think all printing and printers are the same, you are making a very big mistake. How do I know this? The answer is simple. I have learned from the experience I told you about as well as others that it is not price but quality that counts. That does not mean you have to pick the most expensive one either. The best value always includes price, quality and service. It’s generally fair to say “you get what you pay for”.
There are some very good indicators as to how to find the right printer – one who offers quality and service for the lowest price. First, give them a call or email them a question. What kind of response did you get? Was it in a reasonable amount of time? Was the person knowledge and friendly? Did they make you feel comfortable? Ask them what kind of equipment they will print your job on. Is it a 4, 5, or 6 color press? Older press can’t print as fine a line screen, therefore, less detail, than newer presses using state of the art printing technology. One way to tell if it is a newer full color press is to ask if it has coating towers that can apply earth friendly aqueous coating. Older press use solvent based varnish and these older 4 color presses cannot apply aqueous coating. Another factor is that most printers with older equipment don’t offer coatings.
Many printers are offering fast turnaround times because they are using smaller presses. It may be a good idea to ask your printer what size press your job will be printed on. For most 8.5 X 11 sheets and larger, you get better, smoother ink coverage on larger 20 X 26 or 38 X 40 inch sheet feed presses. The reason is the bigger the rollers on the press, the smoother the ink coverage. If you have large areas of heavy ink coverage, smaller older presses tend to streak.
Another thing to look for in a printing company is one that will check your files. It’s important for businesses to establish good communications with their printer. You want a company that will review your files and advise you of any problems that may occur. You want a company with a person on the other end that can answer questions and offer suggestions to help you create the best sales and marketing tools you can.
All these tools are important in helping you make the right choices and allowing you to achieve your final goal, success. Whether it is making holes in leather or producing sales and marketing tools that you can be proud of you must make sure you are getting value, not just the cheapest price. It would be best to add up all the reasons to choose provider over another by making sure you weighing in what you get for the price. Are there extra costs that are hidden in the order form that you don’t see up front or are they included in your price? Do they charge for overs? By asking questions and doing good due diligence, you are making sure the quality, service and value are the best you can find.
For free samples and more information, click here.


If you only look at the first pages of Google, cheap printing online may not be so cheap. Savvy business owners know the best place to find cheap printing and that is online. The problem is Google lists about 69,90,000 websites using the keyword phrase “cheap printing online” and I’ve never known an online business to tell you they weren’t the best or the cheapest. The truth is the printing services listed on the first or second page often don’t always have the best prices or value.

I choose to use business cards as an example because they are the most common and the cheapest printing product online. The printing services were selected at random from the first pages. To compare apples to apples, all the business card descriptions were the same. The specifications are: 1,000 Standard business cards 2” X 3.5” printed one (4/0) and Standard Business cards printed both sides (4/4) on 14Pt. card stock coated. I used the quantity of 1,000. When you order lower quantities, the unit prices are higher. It takes the same time to setup a large commercial offset printing press whether you print a thousand or ten thousand. The day I wrote this article I goggled the keywords ”cheap printing online”. Here are the results I found.

Company 1 retails 1,000 business cards for $68. They offer a 50% discount and therefore are selling for $34.40. They charge $44.13 for both sides. If you’d like to upgrade to heavier 16Pt card stock, the price is $56.50 and if you add UV coating on both side and the total price is $70.72. Economy turnaround is 5 business days. Shipping cost is determined by zip code.

Company 2 sells 1,000 business cards printed on one side with aqueous coating for $23.70 and with high gloss UV coating the price is 24.95. Add printing to the backside and the price is $37 / with UV on both sides the price is 38.95

Company 3 offers 1,000 business cards printed on one side for $61.96; add UV coating the price jumps to $134.75. Printing on both sides the price is $98.90 and with UV coating on both sides it costs $134.40. Normal production time is 4 business days.

Company 4 offers 1,000 “premium business cards” for 19.99. If you order paper with a “brilliant finish”, it cost $46.23. Add the price to print on the backside is $9.74 more. The total cost is $55.97. I couldn’t find information about the finish, paper weigh, shipping cost or turnaround time on their page.

Color Printing Pros is not on the first 2 pages. We offer 1,000 business cards printed on 14pt or a free upgrade to 16Pt card stock. We also offer free printing on the back of the card and your choice of UV or matte coating is included in price. The price for this full color printing service is $36 whether it is one sided or both. All standard business cards prints in 2-4 business days and shipping is based on zip code.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, it’s smart to shop around for cheap printing online beyond the first 2 pages. It is never easy to find a gem that offers the best value. Our value includes customer care which is a very important factor in making the right choice. When choosing a printing service you should ask the following questions. Do they check the files before the job is printed? If there’s a problem with your files, will they notify you and tell you what it is. Is the person who answers the phone a knowledgeable print professional? Will you always speak with the same person all the time so that they get to know you and gain an insight to your needs? Color Printing Pros does all of this. They provide value, price and personal care to all our customers.

Beware of cheap printing online discounts and advertised special deals. They usually are offered with low prices because all the value added services most consumers want are not included. Good value doesn’t nickel and dime you into spending more of your hard earned money.

Ask yourself which cheap printing online service would you choose – the ones on the first pages they pull you in with promises of the cheapest price or the company that gives you the best value as well as provides quality and service. I feel you will find Color Printing Pros is the answer.


Printed brochures are an ideal way for companies with large product lines to showcase their goods. If you are only presenting your line on your website, you are missing a large sales opportunity. Online brochures are proactive, meaning that potential customers must find you online (hopeful by a search engine). Chances are they will also find your competition. A strong advantage of a printed brochure is the fact that they are passive. You present your brochure to your customer base. They directly receive your full color brochure. You can target your market and they can view your product brochure without turning on a computer and connecting to a URL. Full color printed pages can be viewed more easily than a web page and they create a stronger impact. They can be easily shared with others and that can increase your distribution.

Many brochures are distributed at trade brochures_asstshows. The purpose of trade shows is to increase sales and attract new customers. Many companies with large product lines often introduce their new brochures at major trade shows. Frequent buyers look forward to seeing the new lines and products being offered in a new brochure. For many buyers, there is true anticipation and excitement in receiving a new brochure.


Although trade shows can be an overwhelmingly busy experience to attendees, one way to give them a lasting memory of you and your company is to present them with the most attractive high quality sales and marketing literature you can. There are a number of online companies that can provide these services. Color Printing Pros is such a online printing company that can fit all your needs. With our state of the art technology and the availability of gang run printing, the costs of printing a brochure is actually cheaper today than printing the same brochure ten years ago. Our full color printing service with our FREE aqueous coating on top quality 100 Lb coated text paper is our standard.

Color Printing Pros is there for you offering cheap trade prices without compromising service or quality. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed skill and professionalism. Communications between commercial printers and their clients is paramount in building a relationship. Therefore we are always available to discuss your project and when appropriate offer our expertise in suggesting possible alternatives that may save you time and money. We strongly believe it is better to build long term trust than to maximize profit on any job.

Creating A Well Designed Marketing Piece

Nobody likes to rock the boat, but you can’t get to where you need to be by standing still. When buying printing for your company’s advertising, sales and marketing literature. there is a lot on the line. You have to make the best impression possible while keeping the costs down. If you are a small company or a new startup, you have many printing ideas in your business plan with a budget that has to support it. You know your business depends on excellent marketing tools but cost plays an important part.A+

Your first step is in creating a marketing piece.

Design is very important. You have to take into account how will your flyers, brochures, catalogs and postcards stand up against your competitors. If your designs are just like or similar to other companies in your trade group, you could be missing a great opportunity to separate yourself and get noticed as a trend setter. Powerful branding is a good strategy to gain market share. Take the time and make sure your design is innovative and eyecatching.

Once you have your printed piece designed, it is time to get it printed.

Worried about costs, you start searching online for cheap printing prices. Pricing is important but value is what you should be looking for. Cheap pricing does not mean quality printing. What and how you are printing can change the course of your business. A poor quality printing job can do more damage than not having a printed piece to present to a prospective customer. Your printing job reflects on you and your business. Look for a printer that will exceed your expectations.

Consider creating printed literature that will set you apart from your competition.

You can still have a unique design look with the highest quality printing at a cheap low price. Look for a printer who can offer you special services at a reasonable cost. New ideas drive the market so it may be time to look for a new designer that can provide a fresher look. To get noticed and remembered, you may want to consider adding an attention getting effect to your color printing. The WOW FACTOR and eye candy effects can be achieved by use of spot UV coating, matte / dull coating, a combination of both, silver or gold foil or colored foil effects. Achieving these eye candy effects can be expensive and may require custom printing. But finding the right printer who can provide these services at a reasonable cost is not impossible. Your small local printer generally can’t manage these kind of jobs. Most online printers don’t do these printing techniques either. However there are a few full color commercial printers who can do this on gang runs, which will save you lots of money and still give you that custom one-of-a-kind look.

Take your time and look for that printer that can provide value, service and quality.

Sure you need to look for the best price but when excellence is available, good is not enough. If your designer and printing service can’t provide these services then it may be time to find another. Remember your printed materials reflect on you and your business. If it is exceptional, potential business will think you are exceptional as well. When excellence in printing is available, why settle for good. Be sure to visit us at