Gold And Silver Foil on Plastic Cards

Color Printing Pros introduces gold and silver foil on plastic cards to its line of Wow Factor Printing Effects. The cards are printed in full color with the addition of foil one side or both sides. These cards are printed on 20 Pt. white opaque plastic which is durable and strong. Foil is printed as a fifth color so dies and foil stamping are not needed thereby reducing the cost of the cards. Adding foil creates a dazzling effect.

Our foil on plastic cards are available in 6 sizes: 3.5 X 2 business cards, 3.375 X 2.125 credit card or membership cards, 3.5 X 2 Oval cards, 2.5 X 2.5 square social cards, 2 X 8 bookmarks or postcards and 4.25 X 6 postcards. They come with eighth inch or quarter inch rounded corners. Turn around time is 5-7 business days.

This product is designed to help businesses separate themselves from their competitors by using the latest high tech eye candy printing techniques. For the sales process to be complete, advertising, sales, branding and marketing collateral must be remembered by attracting attention. These cards will achieve that goal.

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30 PT Plastic Cards for Multipurpose Marketing

Looking for thicker plastic cards? Ones that are like a credit card and will allow you to use them as a membership card,  gift card, or identification card. Our 30 pt plastic cards can do that. These plastic cards are 30 mil in thickness and are printed on white plastic with a silk or glossy finish. They are strong, waterproof and tear proof. Rounded corners come standard on these cards. Gloss finish is UV while Silk finish is a smooth matte.

These cards are 3.375″ x 2.125″ which is credit card size and they can be used for many marketing purposes and our plastic card printing is high quality, vibrant and full of choices. Many options are available such as foil, bar coding, hole/lanyard punch, magnetic strip, embossed numbering as well as variable data/scratch off w/ pin or signature panel.

Here are some examples:

Use them as a membership card.     showimage-2

or as a gift card.  showimage-1

Or use them for advertising purposes. showimage-3

or discounts.30mil3

or use them just to be different and to stand out from the competition.



However you use them, you will find them to outlast and out shine all other marketing pieces out there. Try them today and see for yourself.

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Oval Cards Are Unique and Stand Out From Competition.

If you are looking for that extra touch on your business card we’ve got something for you! Now available on a variety of business card sized products you will find a new option for Oval cards (die-cut). We will be offering this die-cut on 16pt Matte/UV, Stickers with UV, Magnets, Silk and Plastic business cards.

Your printed products are a very important part of your business, and it is unlikely that you will get very far without them. From the obvious business cards to other products such as magnets and stickers, you need to have a product that will set you apart from your competition.  Producing a variety of different media to help promote your company and inform your customers of products and services that you offer is not enough. You need to add a WoW factor so that you and your company are remembered. Oval cards can do that. They are unusual, awesome and unique.

Standing out from the crowd is essential in today’s ultra competitive world. Many promotional materials are just considered more clutter and are quickly discarded. What you paid for and had printed may wind up in that traditional “round file”.  You want your business to be noticed. So, how can you make your printed piece attract more attention, be kept and actually be used? Oval cards are the answer.

The answer is to make sure it is unique- not only in design but in high quality commercial printing. Ask yourself if it has a “wow factor” (that added value that makes it worth keeping)? There are many choices that can help you achieve this goal. Of course, the most obvious one is to start with great copy and design. This will influence the effectiveness of your presentation but do not stop there. With the right online commercial printer, you may be able to add other features that will make you different from all the others.

Printing companies, like people, are not all the same. They vary in quality and kinds of services they provide. Finding the right printing company is essential especially if you want to find one that gives you the ability to stand out from your competition. And isn’t that what you want??

Welcome to Color Printing Pros Blog

Welcome to our Color Printing Pros Blog … We are here for you. We hope to have blog articles that will help you – Create, Design and WoW… We specialize in offering our customers WoW factor printing. Easy How-To Instructions and explanations will be available.

How to WoW them with Color Printing?

WOW FACTORS are hard to define but you know it when you see it. It’s that something extra that grabs your eye and attention. Going beyond good design and copy, it can be extra heavy printing stock, spot UV coating, lenticular cards, silver or gold foil, everycolor foil, waterproof stock, silk laminated stock or plastic – all of these that are not commonly used by everyone. By using these techniques you can create a card has a much better chance of getting noticed.

Color Printing Pros has built their company on repeat business.

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