Brochures, pamphlets and leaflets are a printed and folded piece of paper used as an advertising tool for business and organizations to sell products, services, promote their brand and corporate image.  They are designed to tell a story about the benefits, products and or services a business provides. Most businesses need cheap brochure printing to achieve their marketing objectives.   Color Printing Pros offers free tips on printing and designing a brochure at our Help Center.
Your brochure design determines the success of your promotion.
Here are some design tips you should think about.
• Know your market and the competition before you design a unique brochure.
•  Don’t use more than 3 fonts, one for the heading, one for the subhead and one for the body copy. Make sure they are easily readable. Fine line serif fonts may not print well on busy or some come color backgrounds.
•  The paper stock should be at least 100 lb. book weight, 100 lb. cover weight or 14 pt. card stock. 16 pt. or heavier may crack when folded. For more information on choosing the right paper stock, read Choosing the Best Paper for Online Printing
• Avoid dark colored backgrounds on folds of heavier card stocks. They will call attention to any cracking.
•  Your design must be appropriate for the targeted market you want to reach. Ask yourself is the brochure for a handout at a trade show, to be mailed, used as a counter pickup or have some other use. Remember simple design works best.
•  Don’t try to impress the reader with fancy words or long detailed sentences.
Stay on point. Brochures should focus on the benefits to the customer. Explain how you product or service will make their life better. The reader doesn’t care about you or your company, Write as if you’re speaking with a friend.
 Remember brochures are a good way for professionals providing needed services to promote their businesses or practices.


Many businesses in harsh outdoor and indoor environments have a need for printing on waterproof, tear resistant paper. The solution is EndurAce paper.
EndurAce is a 10pt. smooth bright paper which prints brilliant colors that are durable, tear and crumple resistant and don’t fade in the sun. EndurACE is a truly unique product consisting of special materials that make it water proof, resilient, and give it a durability that will last for many years. EndurACE gives your customers the ability to get maximum exposure out of each card.  EndurACE  has the feel and body of our 100 lb paper stock.
Restaurants need a high performance paper for menus and table mats. EndurAce is less expensive compared to heavy laminated menus. It wipes water and grease off easily for reuse.
The menus can be used as a promotional free give-away, customers will keep them so your brand is in front of their eyes and minds.They can be used for business cards, flyers, postcards and door hangers. Some of their popular leisure and sport uses are for marinas, boating, divers, fisherman, golf cards and hikers maps.
waterproof paper stock

waterproof paper stoc

Trades that use EndurAce high performance paper for printing are: builders, contractors, architects, garden maintenance, construction and companies in the sports industry to name just a few.
Their ability to preform well in extreme conditions, low need for replacement and affordable cost make this an ideal choice for any business needing high performance paper.

To find out more about EndurAce, go to: Help Center/ Waterproof