Booklets are Important Marketing Tools

Booklets and Catalogs are an integral part of most marketing plans. Companies have used Booklets (sometimes known as multi page brochures or catalogs) since the invention of the printing press. No other advertising, sales or marketing medium is as widely used as catalogs. The reason is simple, they work. The newest printing technologies have made booklet printing the cheapest it’s ever been. Color Printing Pros online printing service is a leading company offering affordable booklet printing at wholesale prices. By taking advantage of new eco-friendly coatings and finishes you can create a custom booklet or catalog that separates you from your competition and states you are concerned about the environment.  Unique catalogs can be created using Wow Effects. These multi page booklets can make your company stand out from your competition. Small and medium sized companies can now afford to level the playing field. They can use the same effects techniques at cheap prices. Now is the best time to print your company’s full color catalog.

Every great booklet has a clear, focused message. It should be designed in a visually compelling way. Your booklet should be to target to a specific audience. The unique benefit of the product or service should be quickly and easily understandable. It’s best when it tells a simple well written story on how it will make the receiver’s life better.  Use bullets to emphasis features and important points. Don’t get caught up in talking about yourself and the super product you have. Most customers only care about the end  result, not how you got there.

Color Printing Pros can add WOW Factor printing effects to your booklets so you can be sure to be seen and remembered. Contact us and see the possibilities.