You can now print cheap business cards and add the Wow Factor to help brand yourself from your competition without breaking the bank. Everybody needs business cards. Full color business cards can be one of the most effective sales and marketing tool you have. They can be the wedge to separate you from your competitors. It is amazing how many entrepreneurs and small business people could benefit from a new, inexpensive business card but don’t. New business cards can revitalize you and give you reason to feel good about going after new business.

You can go online and find full color business cards for as low as $9.95 for 100. They are generally printed on color copiers using thin 10 or 12 Pt card stock with no coating. Sure, they will get your name and company out there and you will be saving some money in the process. But what kind of first impression are they making about you and your company? You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression and that’s the one that sticks.Wouldn’t you be wiser to spend about $25 for 100 cards? I’m sure the extra cost will not break the bank. But what are you getting for this extra cost? You can get a card printed on heavier 14 point quality card stock that feels good to the touch and has a UV coated finish. These cards look and feel great and indicate to the receiver that you care about quality. Isn’t this what you want to represent you and your business? If you can use 1000 or more cards for under $100 dollars, you can even get them printed on heavy 16 point card stock at no additional cost and have UV or aqueous matte coating on them.When you use a high quality full color business card printed on quality card stock that’s finished with a UV or matte coating, you can look forward to the opportunity of handing out your card and impressing the receiver. Chances are you will get a positive reaction like “nice card”. How much is that worth? I’m sure, most of us agree that it’s just basic business common sense to show you understand quality.

If you agree that quality and value are more important than just the lowest price, then why not go to the next level…The WOW Factor!!. Stand out from the crowd. The Wow Factor is the tool that helps assure that you will get noticed. Using the new affordable printing technologies (offered by a very few online printers), you can create a very important first lasting impression- one that makes you remembered. It is now possible to add a spot UV coating to selected areas of your business card creating a combination glossy / matte look or high / low finish. Or you can print your full color card with a silver foil or gold foil. PR_FoilWorx_02Other ways to add that important WOW factor is to use colored foils or 3D/ 4D lenticular effects.  Just a short time ago these techniques were impossible or the cost was way over most budgets. It is now very affordable as new printing technologies become available.

As with many new technologies that produce successful results (and these do), it’s just a matter of time before they become routine. Now is the time to take advantage of these new and uncommon looks and add the Wow Factor appeal to your business cards. Using these new techniques can help separate you from your competition. Why not try them on your next printing job and see the results for yourself!

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Online full color foil business cards, trading cards, postcards and stickers from Color Printing Pros deliver valuable custom options making an unforgettable powerful presentation. Your business product or service can benefit from luxury branding through the use of colored foil cards.  Being able to take this type of marketing strategy will allow you to establish even more trust with your customers. When people really trust you, they are far more likely to purchase from you. Using foil cards to create a top quality brand can give your business an edge over your competitors.

Layout 1What is AkuaFoil?

Ever wanted to combine Silver Foil and Gold Foil on same card? Now you can. Akuafoil makes it easy to make all CMYK colors into a light reflecting metallic foil.

Create a products with just gold and Silver foil or use more foil colors. Your choices are limitless with Akuafoil. This unique foil effect is guaranteed to make your sales piece stand out and get noticed. Think it is expensive. You are wrong. Akuafoil is inexpensive and makes an impressive presentation that will be remembered.

What does using A Full Color Foil do?

This extraordinary unique printing effect adds interest to an otherwise boring sales piece. Using Akuafoil gives a high/low contrast between foiled and not foiled areas. Attention is given as eyes are attracted to the striking effects of full colored foils. With this effect, you can achieve blends and halftones.

Is it Difficult to Create Akuafoil?

No, creating akuafoil cards or products are easy and simple to do. Create your artwork exactly like you want it to look using colors and blends you want. Then create a grayscale 100%K mask (just like a spot UV mask) showing what areas you wish to be foiled.

Can I only Make Cards Full Color Foiled?

You can make other products not just Business Cards and Postcards full color foiled. Now you can color foil Trading Cards, Social Cards and Greeting Cards as well as Brochures, Flyers, Posters and Stickers. Using Akuafoil creates a WoW effect that leaves a lasting impression. Stand out from your competition by creating a one of a kind sales and marketing piece. Be remembered.

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