Full Service EDDM For Political Campaigns

Ever wonder how Full Service EDDM Wins Political Campaigns.  EDDM  (Every Door Direct Mail)  is an effective, fast low cost way to let voters know why they should choose you as their candidate in an up and coming election. EDDM targets every home in your district with cheap campaign postcards. Many full service online printing services offer Every Door Direct Mail services that don’t need expensive mailing lists and imprinting, sorting and bulk mail permits. Mailing cost is only 18.3 cents for each piece and delivery is generally 1 to 2 days from the time it reaches the post office.

Running a political campaign is among the most time consuming, exhausting and challenging activities ever possible. You invest a lot of effort, energy and hard earned dollars into every aspect of your campaign, so it is imperative that you find a cost efficient and effective way to reach out to the majority. Regardless the size of your district, implementation of high saturation direct mail marketing is the most viable way to leave an impact in the districts where your constituents live.

Political candidates can easily reach every home and every address within their district using a using a U.S. Postal Service program known as Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM. All you have to do pick the neighborhoods using a map tool and deliver your message to every home on individual carrier routes you choose. With EDDM you can be sure that your message has been delivered to each voter thereby asking for support. Political campaigns no longer have to bear the high costs associated with traditional direct marketing; EDDM is the most cost effective and efficient way to send high quality mail pieces to your targeted voters for just 18.3 cents per piece.

The internet is important to all political campaigns, yet candidates spend massive amount of money on political direct mail for sole reason: It is effective. According to USPS political mail overview, 78 percent of the recipients tend to read or scan through their daily mail. This is the main reason campaigns constantly keep sending mail. However, the cost associated with traditional direct mail can be an expensive proposition especially for tight budget campaigns. But you need not to be disappointed, now there is a way through which you can do a lot more for alot less, i.e. use services of Every Door Direct Mail. This mailing service makes direct mail affordable by reducing the cost of traditional bulk mail and saving you the cost of permits and mailing lists.

Every Door Direct Mail lets you reach out to your target constituents via carrier routes using free zip code maps. Allowing you to customize your targeting options geographically, demographically or by specific locations, there is no need for you to provide a list containing addresses and names of voters. You can reach out to them by smartly selecting those routes that make sense for your political campaign.

EDDM provides you an inexpensive platform to reach out to your constituents; you only need to create powerful and impressive mail pieces. Using high quality paper be sure to add strong personalized messages and graphics to your mail pieces. Mixing technology with direct mail, be sure to include ways to bring your voters to your website by using a QR code (a two dimensional bar code) that provides quick access to your online media and website.

The political news cycles have become shorter than ever, which means that contemporary campaigns are built on speed and agility. An effective and successful election campaign recognizes this to be a key as Election Day approaches. Therefore, the use of EDDM services can help make an issue pop in the areas of their district with minimal cost to your campaign. The best way to send political messages rapidly and proficiently is using an EDDM and EDDM full service providers make this easy. Full service EDDM printing companies can take the guess work out of the EDDM process. You need only to select an accepted post office regulation size EDDM postcard and choose your individual carrier routes from a free online postal map, then upload artwork. They take care of the printing, paperwork and delivery.

When you combine your eye catching, outstanding mail pieces with low cost mail distribution, you have the most affordable, effective, efficient, simple and high power marketing strategy possible. Using Full service Every Door Direct Mail is the perfect solution for political campaigns that want their message to reach the largest number of voters while spending less time and money in the process. Let the printing pros do what they do best, printing and mailing.

Commercial Printing Companies – Finding The Best

Finding the best online commercial printing companies that can provide you with best value, low prices and great service is no easy task. There are hundred of thousands of smaller highly qualified companies that can offer more printing for less than the big guys. commercial printing companyIf your new to buying full color printing or looking for a new company to take over the responsibility of providing low cost, top quality, fast turnaround and personal professional customer care it’s so read their reviews, phone them with questions to see how they respond and go beyond the first or second page in your search. The question you have to answer is do you want be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond. Which company will work harder for you business?

One of the most important things to look for is customer care. Before you throw a dart at the map to see if you hit the commercial printing services jackpot, it is a good idea to check the print service’s reviews to see what others think of their capabilities. If you call before you buy it is smart to ask a few questions to the person who answers the phone. Can they make recommendations on choosing the best papers and finishes for your job? Do they have to transfer you to another person for a simple question and how long do you have to stay on hold? Do they offer inexpensive design and production service if you need help putting your marketing promotion together? Can the person who answers your call give you the information you want or do you get passed around? Does the customer service person have the authority to make decisions? If you have a problem, can they solve it? All of this can be critical and may mean the difference between meeting your deadline or not.

Other important factors to consider are the variety of products they offer. Do they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee? Do they have the ability to offer unique special custom printing effects to help you stand out from your competition? Paperweight is very important because the first impression a customer gets is tactile. How many paper options are available may be an influencing factor in picking the right printer.

If you are looking for the lowest price and the best value, the best way to compare companies is to go online and search past the first and second pages. That’s where the gems are hidden. Checking Yelp reviews can greatly help in your search. Keep in mind, just because some online e printing services are on the first or second page doesn’t mean they offer the best value, quality and prices and customer service.

If you’re planning on printing a direct mail promotional campaign, don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for a printer for your important job. If you have a deadline, you don’t want to find there is a problem with your files because they don’t pass the file check process or you discover a typo or other issue that takes time to fix. Chances are you will not be able to meet your deadline. Believe me when I say it happens all the time.

EDDM printingIn addition to finding the right online printing service for your direct mail printing, it’s a good idea to find a one-stop printing service that can also handle the whole project including printing, direct mail variable data addressing sorting and mailing. For full service Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services including filling out the form and delivery to the post office for distribution to you intended audience. The printing service that can provide these services in house will save you time and money and take responsibility for the whole project.

With so many online printing companies providing these service, the smart thing to do is read their reviews, call them to check their customer service and compare prices and services for the best value. If you want to find gold you need to do a lot of digging. The same is true for finding the best online printing service for your company.