Millions of businesses receive high ROI using cheap flyers. Why? Flyers attract attention. Some of the things businesses do with printed color flyers include advertise new promotions, introduce new products and services, offer specials and discounts, and make announcements.
Flyer printing has been used as a powerful marketing tool since the invention of the printing press. High quality low-tech flyers find and passively convert customers when they weren’t even thinking about your products and services. Flyers activate both tactile and visual senses. They can be held in your hands and be saved so buyers can learn the benefits of your products or services. Flyers explain how the lives of the reader will be better when they buy what your offering.  Online marketing can only be read on a computer.PR_SellSheet-01
The big difference between offline and online marketing is printing color flyers are passive so they can sell products and services the buyer didn’t know they needed. Customers can be motivated with the benefits of your offer and your promotion will be kept for future viewing. When you send out a flyer your customers will not see your competitors and comparison offers.
When buyers search online, unless you’re on the first page of your target market you probably won’t be found. One thing is for sure, your competitors will be found.  I’m not saying you don’t need a presence online. What I am saying is, that they both work in different ways and have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Savvy marketing strategists use both print and online services to maximize their customer base to find new business. Printed flyers are cheap, fast and easily targeted to the buys. Online marketing is expensive with slow results and it’s very difficult to get and stay on the first page in every competitive market sector.
Color Printing Pros flyer templates are free and available in many sizes, all the folds are indicated for easy and fast layouts and designs.


Despite what techies may think, people still love reading paperback and hardcover books.  If you need proof, just walk into any bookstore or library, and you will find plenty of people looking for or enjoying a paperback or hardcover book.

Since people still read paperback and hardcover books, they still need a way to keep track of how far they have read in a book.  And although it’s by no means new or cutting-edge, a bookmark is still the most effective way to accomplish this task. 

When someone is reading a book, they are going to see their bookmark on a regular basis.  Each time they open and close their book, they will see the bookmark that they are using.  This regular exposure makes a bookmark a valuable marketing opportunity. 4adcda058735ebookmark

Not only is a bookmark a valuable marketing opportunity, but it is also a cheap one.  While marketing with bookmarks can deliver a lot of value for your business, it doesn’t cost much to print them.  Therefore, even if your marketing budget is fairly tight, you can still take advantage of this opportunity.  In addition to being cheap, when you order from an online bookmark printing service, you will be able to choose the stock your bookmark is printed on, as well as its finish.  Best of all, placing an online bookmark printing order is easy, and you can rest assured that the bookmarks you receive will be very high quality.

 So, what’s the best way to market your business with bookmarks?  Well, there are actually several effective ways that you can use bookmarks to market your business.  The first method for marketing with bookmarks is to use them as a giveaway.  You can give them to customers who visit your business, as well as potential customers you meet in person or target through a mailing.  To obtain the best results from this method, you will want to put an offer on your bookmark that will motivate people to come back to your business, or visit it for the first time.  Depending on your business, what you offer can be anything from a special discount to giving them something for free when they make a purchase from you. 

Another way to successfully market your business with bookmarks is to use them to spread awareness about your brand.  Because people will look at your bookmark on a regular basis, it can help you establish a strong brand identity.  For this method to work well, you will want to not only create a bookmark that conveys your brand, but also one that people really like, which will ensure that they continue to use it.  A great way to do this is by incorporating a WOW Factor into your bookmark’s design. Using a Spot UV effect can add both a textural and visual experience unlike ordinary bookmarks. The idea behind a full color printed bookmark as a marketing tool is to attract positive attention and create interest in your message. Spot UV coating is an affordable technique that separates your promotion from your competition.


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Welcome to our Color Printing Pros Blog … We are here for you. We hope to have blog articles that will help you – Create, Design and WoW… We specialize in offering our customers WoW factor printing. Easy How-To Instructions and explanations will be available.

How to WoW them with Color Printing?

WOW FACTORS are hard to define but you know it when you see it. It’s that something extra that grabs your eye and attention. Going beyond good design and copy, it can be extra heavy printing stock, spot UV coating, lenticular cards, silver or gold foil, everycolor foil, waterproof stock, silk laminated stock or plastic – all of these that are not commonly used by everyone. By using these techniques you can create a card has a much better chance of getting noticed.

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