Sales and Marketing Tools For Your Business – Finding The Right Ones

Tools are required for every business. Carpenters use hammers and saws. Doctors use diagnostic equipment. I don’t need to tell you what dentists use. The point is if you have a product or service, you need advertising, sales and marketing tools. These can be in whatever media you wish such as your website, your business card, flyers, brochures, postcards, catalogs and posters. They all work in different ways producing different results to a common end which is greater success.
If you are going to have a successful business, you need to have the right tools to build it. The tools you use are intended to make you money and the better the tools, the more money you will make. I recently bought a leather punch in a hardware store. There were 3 different sets with 3 different prices points. I only had a few holes to punch and the low price caught my eye. My thinking was why pay a higher price for it when it would probably only be used once. I went home thinking I solved the problem and saved some money. About halfway through the job the whole thing just came apart. I had to go back to the store and try to get my money back, lost the day I wanted to do the project and paid more in time, money and gas than I needed to. If I had approached the problem correctly from the start, this would not be the case. Lesson learned!! The interesting thing is two weeks later I had a need for a leather punch again and it work great on got the job done.
Everybody in business needs business cards. If you google cheap business cards, there are over 2 million choices. Most of us never get passed the first or second page. We look and compare a few sites and make a blind choice based only on intuition. There are some very good companies out there. Will you be lucky enough to pick the best one? Remember top position does not guarantee top quality or service. Did you pick the lowest price or the best value?
It’s always better to find the best value. Ask yourself- what am I getting for my money? What’s included in the price? If you think all printing and printers are the same, you are making a very big mistake. How do I know this? The answer is simple. I have learned from the experience I told you about as well as others that it is not price but quality that counts. That does not mean you have to pick the most expensive one either. The best value always includes price, quality and service. It’s generally fair to say “you get what you pay for”.
There are some very good indicators as to how to find the right printer – one who offers quality and service for the lowest price. First, give them a call or email them a question. What kind of response did you get? Was it in a reasonable amount of time? Was the person knowledge and friendly? Did they make you feel comfortable? Ask them what kind of equipment they will print your job on. Is it a 4, 5, or 6 color press? Older press can’t print as fine a line screen, therefore, less detail, than newer presses using state of the art printing technology. One way to tell if it is a newer full color press is to ask if it has coating towers that can apply earth friendly aqueous coating. Older press use solvent based varnish and these older 4 color presses cannot apply aqueous coating. Another factor is that most printers with older equipment don’t offer coatings.
Many printers are offering fast turnaround times because they are using smaller presses. It may be a good idea to ask your printer what size press your job will be printed on. For most 8.5 X 11 sheets and larger, you get better, smoother ink coverage on larger 20 X 26 or 38 X 40 inch sheet feed presses. The reason is the bigger the rollers on the press, the smoother the ink coverage. If you have large areas of heavy ink coverage, smaller older presses tend to streak.
Another thing to look for in a printing company is one that will check your files. It’s important for businesses to establish good communications with their printer. You want a company that will review your files and advise you of any problems that may occur. You want a company with a person on the other end that can answer questions and offer suggestions to help you create the best sales and marketing tools you can.
All these tools are important in helping you make the right choices and allowing you to achieve your final goal, success. Whether it is making holes in leather or producing sales and marketing tools that you can be proud of you must make sure you are getting value, not just the cheapest price. It would be best to add up all the reasons to choose provider over another by making sure you weighing in what you get for the price. Are there extra costs that are hidden in the order form that you don’t see up front or are they included in your price? Do they charge for overs? By asking questions and doing good due diligence, you are making sure the quality, service and value are the best you can find.
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Why Does A Good Business Card Still Matters in the Digital Age

The business card has been an important part of making and maintaining contact with potential clients and partners for years and a good card is still as crucial today as it has always been. Ensuring you have a good quality card, usually through the use of custom business cards printing services, allows you to make an impression on the people you meet. Even in an era where email and the internet provides your potential customers with all of the information they need to know, a business card can still work wonders for your company for the following reasons.


For as long as companies have been doing business with each other, they have made use of custom business cards printing to ensure they have an impressive card to hand out to others. It has become something of a tradition in the business world and it is still very much expected by clients when you first meet them. Failure to live up to this expectation can leave a bad impression with those you meet, as the card provides them with all of the information that they need to contact you, without having to search it out for themselves online.

Showcasing the Business

Creativity goes a long way towards impressing your clients, which is where custom business cards printing can really work in your favor. You are aiming to make the biggest impression on your client as you possibly can, so having an eye-catching business card that they find interesting is an important step. This ensures that your business stays in the mind of anybody who happens to see the card. After all, it’s only a small step from remembering an interesting business card to remembering the person that gave it to you. Take advantage of this by offering a card that best represents everything that is interesting about your brand.

Not Everybody is Digital

This is something that smaller businesses in particular may come across at some point. Older clients may not be completely in tune with the digital age and many still appreciate having physical reminders of the companies that they do business with. Your aim as a business should be to cater towards as many people as possible, so ensure that you take advantage of custom business cards printing so that you have a little something for everyone.

They Are Portable

You never know where you might end up meeting a potential client. You could be stuck in an airport or waiting in a queue and suddenly find yourself in a conversation with somebody who may be able to make use of your services. As such, you should always ensure that you are completely prepared for such situations. It is hardly practical to carry around literature and other branding materials with you, and it is likely that a potential client would quickly forget any website details that you tell them. Having a business card available provides the potential client with a physical reminder of the conversation as well as the details they need to move things forward.

You need to ensure that you are readily equipped to promote your company at all times. Having a set of customized business cards at hand ensures that you will always be able to provide potential clients with essential information, in addition to allowing you to appeal to all segments of the market.



The cheapest business cards online may not be as cheap as you believe them to be. Some online printing services use marketing strategies that cost more than you might pay to get a better value from another service that uses a different strategy.

Here is an example I took from the internet to make my point. Both are competitors and provide excellent quality printing.

Printing service A has a popular high Google ranking and retails 1,000 business cards printed one side on 14 Pt card stock for $68.81. They offer a 60% discount that reduces the price by $ 41.29 to a total of $27.52 . That is $.28 each, and that’s an attractive price. If you add the options most people would want such as printing in the back side the price goes up to $35.30, and with an upgrade to heavier 16 Pt card stock the discount price is now $45.20 or $.0452 ea. Then you need to add the option of high gloss UV coating on both sides and now the total price jumps to $56.50. This makes the unit cost of 1,000 cards now $.565 each. The production time for these cards is 5 business days.

Printing service B does not have as high ranking and sells its business cards online offering a free upgrade from 14 Pt to 16 Pt card stock and your choice of glossy UV coating or matte/dull aqueous coating 1000 cards for $36.00. That means without getting the special discount offered by the other company, you get all the options you want at a cheaper price which saves you $47.06 from the advertised discount online price. Not only are you getting greater value as well as excellent quality but their standard production time is 2-4 business days. This is clearly the better choice for your printing.

If you’re looking for cheap, but not bargain basement color printing services, and would like unique business cards, looking for the cheapest best value can be found. Some of the smaller online printing services offer more paper choices, spot UV, raised spot UV, silk cards, waterproof cards, plastic cards, lenticular cards, satin coating, silver or gold foil as well as full color foil cards. Uniqueness can help you stand out from your competition and choosing a WoW factor is a great marketing move.

Bigger printing businesses have bigger budgets to advertise their sites on the major search engines or on TV, that has nothing to do with the quality of their printing, price and value. When you are buying printing online, you should be aware that all full colorprinting services are not the same. In fact, a printing company that offers top customer care can offer more. Their experienced printing professionals can help you with your choices; they can even consult with you if needed. When you call, you will get the same people all the time who remember you when you call again.

Two of the top searches for business card printing services on Google are “cheap business cards” with 83,100,000 and “cheap business cards online” has 91,600,00 results as of this writing. Most people searching those keywords never go past the first page and miss many of the best value printing services a few pages back.

The best way to find the right online printing company for you is to call a few first. How long was it before the phone was answered? Was the phone answered by a printing professional that could answer your questions? How long did it take to connect you with a sales representative? If you have the time, it’s a good idea to ask for free samples of the products you are interested in. Many companies have a sample form online. Fill it out and see how long it takes to receive samples. They make sure that the samples you receive are the high quality you expect.

Follow these ideas and you will probably find that printing service you are looking for. One that gives you the value you expect and quality you want at the cheapest price.

New Trends In Custom Business Card Printing

It wasn’t so long ago that custom business card printing meant full color business cards. Now they’re so common they don’t even raise an eyebrow. Fortunately printing technology has moved on and you can choose a business card that is so unique, they will be not be forgotten.

Silk laminated business cards are elegantly smooth to the touch. The lamination makes them waterproof and tear resistant so they are very versatile with lots of different eye candy finishing options so your card stands out from your competition. Silk cards are printed on an impressive heavy 16Pt. card stock. They are available with spot UV coating, raised Spot UV as well as foil options. A cold foil process is used that prints the foil on the card so you don’t need expensive custom dies and hot foil stamping.

One of the newest trends in custom business card printing is Premium Silk Cards. These 32 Pt. silk cards are two layers thick that are die cut on top or bottom to create a 3D effect that is totally unique and new. They are highly customizable and spot UV, foil, embossed, perforated, variable data and many other options can be added. silkex2 silkex

When was the last time you were excited to hand out your business card just to see the reaction? Your goal is to show your prospective customer that you are different, innovative and a unique thinker. Raised Spot UV cards are a spot UV you can feel. It’s raised to give your card an added sense to the touch and it’s visually aesthetic.

raised4 raised3

Need a card for marketing and promotions that will stand up to use. 30 mil plastic cards are a thicker plastic than standard 20 pt. plastics. These cards are a great promotional item that can be used in a lot of different ways. The thickness is impressive the same as a credit card so they feel important. There are many functional ways to use this type of card from marketing purposes to identification. If a strong water and tear proof card is what you are looking for then these plastic cards are the answer. These cards have a bold and vibrant look and are very durable. They can be used for business cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, hotel key cards, fundraising cards, membership cards, ID cards, luggage tags to name just a few. They are available in a silk finish or gloss UV finish. The Silk finish is more scratch resistant than gloss. These cards are made with PVC white plastic and come with round corners. They are very affordable and come with many customizable options such as silk lamination, foil, spot UV (on silk), barcoding, variable data, signature panel, scratch off with PIN numbering, hold / lanyard punch, magnetic strip (encoded or blank), embossed sequential numbering and custom die cut.

30mil3 30 mil2

You may ask why custom business cards are so important. The reason is that your business cards create the first impression a potential buyer gets about you and your business. Since you only get one chance to make a first great impression, you need to do something unexpected to capture attention. Custom business cards such as silk laminated cards, raised spot UV cards, premium silk cards and 30 mil plastic cards do that. Being remembered when potential customers need your services is the most important goal of giving out business cards. These new trends offer that.



Foil cards adds the look of luxury to your product or service. If you have your own business, you know the importance of promoting your business as much as possible. Although you do not want to be viewed in the same light as an obnoxious car salesman who screams during television commercials, there are plenty of ways to promote your business without offending people.

Layout 1One opportunity to promote your business is whenever you meet someone new. Not only can you tell them about your business, but you can also give them a business card. A business card helps to serve as a reminder about your business. Because people receive so many business cards, it is important to give yours a special touch that will make it more memorable. One way to accomplish this is by using foil cards. Foil cards come in the standard 3.5 x 2 inch business card size, a slimline card 1.5 x 3, or a square social card 2.5 x 2.5. What makes these cards different from others they get is that they are printed with silver or gold foil or with full color foil which can be more than one color foil. When silver or gold foil is combined with the silk laminated finish that is put on these cards, it create a business card that people will notice.When you use full color foil (Akuafoil) with your business cards, you are able to create cards that look quite impressive with more than one color foil that has blends and gradients. Because both these foil cards are associated with luxury, this type of card is great for branding your business.

Many people don’t realize that virtually any business can be branded as a luxury choice. You don’t have to be an upscale automaker or clothing designer to benefit from this kind of branding. For example, you may run a service business. By using foil cards for this type of branding, you can position your business as the top of the line service choice in your industry. When you are viewed as a luxury choice, it’s easier to charge more for the service that you offer. Since you already take great care of your customers, this branding simply allows you to receive more in return for the value that you provide.
If your business produces a product, your product can benefit just as much from luxury branding through the use of foil cards. If you choose to use gold foil on your cards, you can bill your company’s product as the gold standard. Being able to take this type of marketing angle will allow you to establish even more trust with your prospects. When people really trust you, they are far more likely to purchase from you. Using AkuaFoil cards allows you to use silver and gold foil together which can also create a luxury brand for your product and can give your business an edge over your competitors.
Foil business cards are unique and impressive. They give a look of luxury and attract attention. Easy to create, they are inexpensive and elegant. To learn more about our Foil cards, go to Silver or Gold foil cards or our AkuaFoil Full color foil cards.