TRADING CARDS For Promotion and Marketing

When you think of trading cards, you probably fondly recall the faces of your favorite basketball or football players from the cards you collected during your childhood.  Although you may not have seen these cards in years, you can still remember what many of them look like.  Since these cards made a significant impact on you, wouldn’t it be nice if you could create the same positive association with others for yourself or your business?  Thanks to online printing, that is now possible.  You can order your own custom trading cards to use as effective promotional tools.

Trading cards are a very unique way to promote yourself or your business.  Everyone is used to receiving flyers and business cards.  However, it’s not everyday that someone receives a new trading card.  The uniqueness of trading cards is what makes them such a effective promotional tool.  At 2.5 x 3.5 inches, they are large enough to convey your message, but still small enough to easily pass or mail out to others.  You can use trading cards at networking events, as a giveaway or for a wide range of other promotional opportunities.

examples of trading cardsPeople are more receptive to sales messages when they’re having fun.  This is because they are less defensive and more open to receiving the message you are trying to convey.  With promotional trading cards, you can get people to drop their guards.  When you hand them a fun card, they won’t be able to help but smile.  Because they will feel happy while they’re looking at your trading card, it will create a positive association in their mind about you or your business.  Even if they don’t realize it, this association can influence their decision to buy from you.  Additionally, because people will actually like your trading card, they will hold on to it for a longer amount of time.
Trading cards are a very memorable way to promote yourself or your business.  In addition to the fact that this isn’t something people are given all the time, you can take extra measures to make your trading cards even more memorable.  When you order online, you can choose whether you want your cards printed on 14 or 16 point stock.  You can also choose from several different accents.  If you want to make your entire trading card shine, you can go with a full UV finish.  If you want to ensure people notice a specific part of your card, you can achieve this by using a spot UV finish.  And if you want to give your cards a touch of elegance, opt for a metallic accent.

Once you see how well trading cards work, you will probably want to use them on a regular basis.  Fortunately, these cards are flexible enough that they can be used more than once.  To maximize their continued effectiveness, you can easily use a new design for each set that you order.  This will allow you to continue using them without people starting to perceive them as repetitive or dull.


Inexpensive personalized trading cards are a great way to let you express yourself in a way that no other medium can. tradingsportsTrading cards from Color Printing Pros can be unique yet cheap priced. Trading card printing can be used as marvelous gifts for relatives and friends.  Relatives are delighted to receive them and kids love them. If your a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend or any one that’s looking for a great original gift idea. All you need is a photo and a short story and you can make your own personal trading cards for a loved one.  The minimum quantity that economical to print is 100 cards but you can order 25,000 or more if you’re a famous celebrity. Everybody gets a smile on their face when you had them your personal trading card.

You can also let your trading card be the most unique business card introduction your customers will ever see.  Try using one of our Wow Effects such as our colored foils to make a unique one of a kind trading card. Custom printed trading cards make a cheap give-a-ways for cast members of corporate promotions, trade shows and charity events. In most areas of interest history buffs collect individual trading cards and sets of characters that include their brief story and photos. Police and fire departments have found them very useful to hand out at community events. trading-personalHobbyists hand out their personal trading cards and collect from others attendees at group meetings and conventions. Anybody can have his or her own card to trade, hand out and exchange. They are popular with all age groups, and can be used as a personal business card so you will be remembered.

Trading cards whether for business or personal creates happiness and COLOR PRINTING PROS offers more value for your trading card printing than any other online  printing service. Trading-businessWe even offer FREE trading card templates to help you design it yourself.  Before anything goes to press you will receive a digital proof for your final approval. Only after you approve proofs, you are charged and your job proceeds to production. Try us for your trading card printing and see for yourself why we are called the experts in trading card printing.