Despite the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the fact is that business card will create the first impression that you make. Research has shown that people make a judgment about others in just a few seconds of meeting them. This isn’t much time, so you need to make the most of the small attention window you have.As a business owner, your appearance and business card plays a major role in the first impression you make. When you smile at someone, shake their hand, and then hand them your business card, the judgment they make about you is going to be affected by the business card you hand them. If the business card you put in their hand has a great look and feel, you’re going to make a positive first impression. PR_Silk-02

However, if your card feels cheap and looks tacky, you’re probably not going to be viewed as a professional.So, the big question is how do you avoid looking like your not ready for prime time, and instead impress the person you meet and cause their interest in your business to be piqued? You need a business card that is well thought-out, designed with a powerful visual. A black and white business card isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention, a full color business card will. With a full color business card, you can convey your strength to every person who looks at your card. A strong visual will get you card noticed and remembered.You only have a little space to send a big message so it’s important to put thought into what you want your card to say. The best business cards are able to say what’s important without cramming too much in one space. Your logo and essentials should be easily read on the front and you can use the back for a call to action or other important information. Keep it meaningful, short and to the point.

Because people touch business cards in addition to seeing them, it’s important that they are printed on high quality stock and have unique distinguished visual effect. Depending on your business, good stock choices for business cards are heavy 14 or extra heavy 16 point card, 20 point plastic, 16 point silk laminated or Endurace waterproof card stock. All of these stocks are durable and feel great when they are held. When it comes to finishes, one choice that will set you apart is spot UV coating. This is like a standard gloss UV coating finish, except that instead of covering your entire card, it works as a WOW FACTOR effect by highlighting the area of your business card that you want to standout. Other eye candy WOW FACTOR effects such as lenticular cards, colored foils, gold,silver or copper foil on silk laminated cards or 20 Pt plastic card available in clear, frosted or white.

While you may agree that this type of business card sounds great, you may be concerned that it’s going to cost a fortune. In reality, this isn’t the case. When you order business cards online from one the the few online printing company’s that offer these custom services for gang run prices you can cheaply get full color business cards that are printed on quality stock and feature a special custom finish.

By  putting real thought into its design, you will be able to create a great business card that ensures the people you hand it to will always remember who  you are.


You can now print cheap business cards and add the Wow Factor to help brand yourself from your competition without breaking the bank. Everybody needs business cards. Full color business cards can be one of the most effective sales and marketing tool you have. They can be the wedge to separate you from your competitors. It is amazing how many entrepreneurs and small business people could benefit from a new, inexpensive business card but don’t. New business cards can revitalize you and give you reason to feel good about going after new business.

You can go online and find full color business cards for as low as $9.95 for 100. They are generally printed on color copiers using thin 10 or 12 Pt card stock with no coating. Sure, they will get your name and company out there and you will be saving some money in the process. But what kind of first impression are they making about you and your company? You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression and that’s the one that sticks.Wouldn’t you be wiser to spend about $25 for 100 cards? I’m sure the extra cost will not break the bank. But what are you getting for this extra cost? You can get a card printed on heavier 14 point quality card stock that feels good to the touch and has a UV coated finish. These cards look and feel great and indicate to the receiver that you care about quality. Isn’t this what you want to represent you and your business? If you can use 1000 or more cards for under $100 dollars, you can even get them printed on heavy 16 point card stock at no additional cost and have UV or aqueous matte coating on them.When you use a high quality full color business card printed on quality card stock that’s finished with a UV or matte coating, you can look forward to the opportunity of handing out your card and impressing the receiver. Chances are you will get a positive reaction like “nice card”. How much is that worth? I’m sure, most of us agree that it’s just basic business common sense to show you understand quality.

If you agree that quality and value are more important than just the lowest price, then why not go to the next level…The WOW Factor!!. Stand out from the crowd. The Wow Factor is the tool that helps assure that you will get noticed. Using the new affordable printing technologies (offered by a very few online printers), you can create a very important first lasting impression- one that makes you remembered. It is now possible to add a spot UV coating to selected areas of your business card creating a combination glossy / matte look or high / low finish. Or you can print your full color card with a silver foil or gold foil. PR_FoilWorx_02Other ways to add that important WOW factor is to use colored foils or 3D/ 4D lenticular effects.  Just a short time ago these techniques were impossible or the cost was way over most budgets. It is now very affordable as new printing technologies become available.

As with many new technologies that produce successful results (and these do), it’s just a matter of time before they become routine. Now is the time to take advantage of these new and uncommon looks and add the Wow Factor appeal to your business cards. Using these new techniques can help separate you from your competition. Why not try them on your next printing job and see the results for yourself!

For free samples and more information about Wow Factor printing, go to Color Printing Pros.


If you only look at the first pages of Google, cheap printing online may not be so cheap. Savvy business owners know the best place to find cheap printing and that is online. The problem is Google lists about 69,90,000 websites using the keyword phrase “cheap printing online” and I’ve never known an online business to tell you they weren’t the best or the cheapest. The truth is the printing services listed on the first or second page often don’t always have the best prices or value.

I choose to use business cards as an example because they are the most common and the cheapest printing product online. The printing services were selected at random from the first pages. To compare apples to apples, all the business card descriptions were the same. The specifications are: 1,000 Standard business cards 2” X 3.5” printed one (4/0) and Standard Business cards printed both sides (4/4) on 14Pt. card stock coated. I used the quantity of 1,000. When you order lower quantities, the unit prices are higher. It takes the same time to setup a large commercial offset printing press whether you print a thousand or ten thousand. The day I wrote this article I goggled the keywords ”cheap printing online”. Here are the results I found.

Company 1 retails 1,000 business cards for $68. They offer a 50% discount and therefore are selling for $34.40. They charge $44.13 for both sides. If you’d like to upgrade to heavier 16Pt card stock, the price is $56.50 and if you add UV coating on both side and the total price is $70.72. Economy turnaround is 5 business days. Shipping cost is determined by zip code.

Company 2 sells 1,000 business cards printed on one side with aqueous coating for $23.70 and with high gloss UV coating the price is 24.95. Add printing to the backside and the price is $37 / with UV on both sides the price is 38.95

Company 3 offers 1,000 business cards printed on one side for $61.96; add UV coating the price jumps to $134.75. Printing on both sides the price is $98.90 and with UV coating on both sides it costs $134.40. Normal production time is 4 business days.

Company 4 offers 1,000 “premium business cards” for 19.99. If you order paper with a “brilliant finish”, it cost $46.23. Add the price to print on the backside is $9.74 more. The total cost is $55.97. I couldn’t find information about the finish, paper weigh, shipping cost or turnaround time on their page.

Color Printing Pros is not on the first 2 pages. We offer 1,000 business cards printed on 14pt or a free upgrade to 16Pt card stock. We also offer free printing on the back of the card and your choice of UV or matte coating is included in price. The price for this full color printing service is $36 whether it is one sided or both. All standard business cards prints in 2-4 business days and shipping is based on zip code.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, it’s smart to shop around for cheap printing online beyond the first 2 pages. It is never easy to find a gem that offers the best value. Our value includes customer care which is a very important factor in making the right choice. When choosing a printing service you should ask the following questions. Do they check the files before the job is printed? If there’s a problem with your files, will they notify you and tell you what it is. Is the person who answers the phone a knowledgeable print professional? Will you always speak with the same person all the time so that they get to know you and gain an insight to your needs? Color Printing Pros does all of this. They provide value, price and personal care to all our customers.

Beware of cheap printing online discounts and advertised special deals. They usually are offered with low prices because all the value added services most consumers want are not included. Good value doesn’t nickel and dime you into spending more of your hard earned money.

Ask yourself which cheap printing online service would you choose – the ones on the first pages they pull you in with promises of the cheapest price or the company that gives you the best value as well as provides quality and service. I feel you will find Color Printing Pros is the answer.


The cheapest business cards online may not be as cheap as you believe them to be. Some online printing services use marketing strategies that cost more than you might pay to get a better value from another service that uses a different strategy.

Here is an example I took from the internet to make my point. Both are competitors and provide excellent quality printing.

Printing service A has a popular high Google ranking and retails 1,000 business cards printed one side on 14 Pt card stock for $68.81. They offer a 60% discount that reduces the price by $ 41.29 to a total of $27.52 . That is $.28 each, and that’s an attractive price. If you add the options most people would want such as printing in the back side the price goes up to $35.30, and with an upgrade to heavier 16 Pt card stock the discount price is now $45.20 or $.0452 ea. Then you need to add the option of high gloss UV coating on both sides and now the total price jumps to $56.50. This makes the unit cost of 1,000 cards now $.565 each. The production time for these cards is 5 business days.

Printing service B does not have as high ranking and sells its business cards online offering a free upgrade from 14 Pt to 16 Pt card stock and your choice of glossy UV coating or matte/dull aqueous coating 1000 cards for $36.00. That means without getting the special discount offered by the other company, you get all the options you want at a cheaper price which saves you $47.06 from the advertised discount online price. Not only are you getting greater value as well as excellent quality but their standard production time is 2-4 business days. This is clearly the better choice for your printing.

If you’re looking for cheap, but not bargain basement color printing services, and would like unique business cards, looking for the cheapest best value can be found. Some of the smaller online printing services offer more paper choices, spot UV, raised spot UV, silk cards, waterproof cards, plastic cards, lenticular cards, satin coating, silver or gold foil as well as full color foil cards. Uniqueness can help you stand out from your competition and choosing a WoW factor is a great marketing move.

Bigger printing businesses have bigger budgets to advertise their sites on the major search engines or on TV, that has nothing to do with the quality of their printing, price and value. When you are buying printing online, you should be aware that all full colorprinting services are not the same. In fact, a printing company that offers top customer care can offer more. Their experienced printing professionals can help you with your choices; they can even consult with you if needed. When you call, you will get the same people all the time who remember you when you call again.

Two of the top searches for business card printing services on Google are “cheap business cards” with 83,100,000 and “cheap business cards online” has 91,600,00 results as of this writing. Most people searching those keywords never go past the first page and miss many of the best value printing services a few pages back.

The best way to find the right online printing company for you is to call a few first. How long was it before the phone was answered? Was the phone answered by a printing professional that could answer your questions? How long did it take to connect you with a sales representative? If you have the time, it’s a good idea to ask for free samples of the products you are interested in. Many companies have a sample form online. Fill it out and see how long it takes to receive samples. They make sure that the samples you receive are the high quality you expect.

Follow these ideas and you will probably find that printing service you are looking for. One that gives you the value you expect and quality you want at the cheapest price.

Mommy Cards – the Latest Fad in Motherhood

Mommy Cards are the latest fad in motherhood. They are similar to business cards giving quick information about you and your child. They are an impressive way to pass important contact information to others.

mommy cards
They are great for handing out at a playground, school or any other place where you might want to keep in touch with other moms and their kids. Mommy cards are a quick and easy way to hand out information so playgroups, get-togethers and other events can be planned.

What you put on your card is up to you. You can list your name, phone numbers, email addresses, social networking user name (ie Facebook), and even the names and ages of your children. Mommy cards are great for busy moms to pass along their information without having to jot it down on a piece of paper that is often lost. Besides the usual contact information, you can also include fun stuff like little facts about your kids (favorite toy or animal) or fun little facts about you (what your favorite pastime is). You can even print a picture of yourself and/or your kids on your card. Be creative and customize your personal mommy cards to express something about you that’s not easily forgotten.

They may be called Mommy Cards, but they can be for dads too. The important thing is that they share contact information as well as allergy and/ or emergency phone numbers. These cards can help you keep and build new relationships and stay in touch with other parents and friends. Don’t forget, they’re great to give to the baby-sitter so that you can be contacted quickly if there’s a need.

Mommy cards are so convenient you won’t know how you got along without them. You no longer have to stop fumbling through your purse or diaper bag for pen and paper. Personalized custom cards are a very popular way to supply information you want to share and they are a perfect way to start friendships socializing with other parents. Ordering these cards online is cheap and easy. You’ll Impress others and make your life a little easier.