WoW Factor Effect Attracts Attention

Ten percent of the fisherman catch ninety percent of the fish even when the fishing is lousy. How do they do it? They do it by keeping bait in the water when everybody else goes home and there is less competition. The trick to being successful is doing everything you can to get noticed and they will bite.Wow1-1

Full color gang run cards, brochures, flyers and sell sheets are a cheap way to get quick results without breaking the bank. Sure, some of your competition is doing the same thing, because it works. The key is to get noticed and remembered. With all the direct marketing and mail promotions that we all get each day it can be hard to standout.

The solution is the Wow Factor, a unique look you can add to your great design and copy so customers will stop and look at yours. By adding an eye candy option to your advertising, sales and marketing literature, you can create a visual effect that will get noticed and remembered.

By taking advantage of the newest state of the art gang run printing technology on heavy 14 or 16 point card stock, you can add spot UV coating, metallic silver ink and color metallic effects to your advertising, sales and marketing printing.

These effects are very powerful in helping to get you noticed and remembered. In this very competitive economy you need to separate yourself and standout as being different and better. The use of Wow Factor effects makes the statement that your company is unique and a cut above your competition.

A short time ago these special effects were not possible or were very expensive. Many of these effects required custom printing which only large companies with large budgets could afford. Now by combining your job with similar jobs on a scheduled run (called gang run printing), the price for these added options is very affordable. When you consider the cost of not using them, you are not really saving money if your piece goes unnoticed. It’s important to consider the ROI (return on investment) and creating the most effective tool you can. It’s the value that counts, not just the price.

When all you have is lemons, make lemonade. To sell your lemonade, you need to use a Wow Factor effect such as spot UV coating, silver ink or color metallics to put a silver lining on the recession clouds ahead.