Lots of businesses benefit from cheap Every Door Direct Mail promotions, a USPS bulk mail program offered by your local post office. With EDDM, you can target every house or house and business in any zip code right down to individual carrier routes. Free maps are available so you can choose the best demographics in your area for your product or service.

The benefits are the low cost for each card or flyer you send since it is only $ .175 per address. You don’t need a bulk mail permit and there’s no need for expensive mailing lists or imprinting addresses on your promotion. Delivery is just a few days. That’s much faster than traditional direct mail.

Of course, there are some regulations. The rules for this USPS service are simple and will benefit you by attracting more attention than a large 5.5 X 8.5 postcard or flyer. The mailing size for each piece has to be 6.125 tall or longer than 11.5. You can make your own size of postcard or flyer as long as you meet these specifications. The most common sizes are 4 x 12, 6.25 X 9, 8.5 X 11, 8.5 X 7 and 9 x 12. All sizes cost the same to mail at the low cost of $ .175 cents. These large sized postcards should be printed on heavy postcard stock so they don’t feel cheap. Heavy 14 Pt. or extra heavy 16 Pt card stock is recommended. The maximum weight is a generous 3.3 oz. per piece. Cards must be bundled in 50 or 100 flats and delivered to the post office of your choice. The maximum quantity you can send out from each post office is 5,000 pieces per day. You can select as many post offices as you want and mail more.

You can mail catalogs, brochures or anything else as long as it meets the Every Door Direct Mail size and weight requirements. With these mailbox/billboard sized cards, your message will stand out and get noticed. A 6.25 X 11 full color postcard is 300% larger than a standard 4 X 6 postcard and about $ .09 cents cheaper. You can bulk mail to all homes and businesses in a mail carrier’s route. Each zip code has many routes. Individual postal routes vary so pick the ones that best fits your need. The average distribution for each carrier is about 300-600 homes and businesses.

An EDDM promotion is an excellent value for getting your message out and increasing new and old customers as well as improving sales. Everybody looks for a bargain so advertising and branding with Every Door Direct Mail is a win, win deal for you and your customers. If you develop a low cost monthly mail promotion with a good promotion, a call to action and an expiration date new business will come to you.


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