Holiday Greetings With Foil Wakes up the Senses

The holiday season is just around the corner. Personal custom printed foil greeting cards or postcards in full color are the latest trend for saying happy holiday to your personal and business friends. Holiday Greetings using cards or postcards are an affordable way to send the message that everyone loves receiving. Creating a full color AkuaFoil card is easy and they are so captivating they will always be remembered and so will you and/or your business.

The big greeting card companies have been printing foil on their cards for years and selling them at premium prices. Now you can print your own personal card with your colorful foiled image and messages for a lot less money. Whether it is a inexpensive foil postcard wishing everyone holiday cheer and a merry new year or a intricate foil greeting card that wakes up the senses, sending holiday messages are always greeted with joy. Even businesses know the value of thanking customers for their loyalty at this season and wishing them a happy and prosperous new year. Whether personal or business creating a card with colored foil will make your card stand out from the rest.

Creating a Akuafoil cards is easy. Choose the images you want in colored foil. With Full Color Foil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors, into multi-colored foils. The advantage to this process is that you can produce foiled half tones, gradients and have multiple colors in foil on the same design. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


For any Full Color Foil job (Akuafoil), you must include a foil mask file along with your CMYK file. The mask file indicates where the foil will be placed. The file process is the same as spot UV..100% K where foil is placed, 0% where the foil is not placed. If you want something to be foiled, then your mask file should show that. White indicates no foil and 100% K indicates where the foil will be.

Foil Wakes up the Senses

Foil Wakes up the Senses

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