Trading Cards are a cheap fun social networking tool as well as an eye catching technique for advertising a product or brand.  Normally, used as game cards, sport team cards, collectors cards, and motivational handouts, trading cards can also be used as invitation cards for business professionals. Trading cards allow you to express your creative and artistic designs. Our trading cards measure 2.5 X 3.5 and are printed on 14 PT or 16 PT (free upgrade) – your choice.4b570e68662d3tradingcard

Color Printing Pros gives you the option to print on the front only, or front and back. We also give many options for finishes. You chose from UV coated both sides, UV one side/no coating one side, Matte/Dull both sides or adding a WOW factor such as Spot UV. Trading cards are also available in Colored Foil for that special WoW effect.

Sports are enhanced by the use of trading cards. Trading cards are great for making sports and activities more exciting as well as putting smiles on faces. A custom sports trading card will do it every time.   With trading cards it’s easy to smile and get nostalgic. I remember when I was a kid and how important they were for socializing after school. Trading cards are still popular today, but they have taken on a new personal roll. Now every kid can become a sport hero with his or her own trading cards. They’re also very popular with adults too, and not just athletes. Kids love to trade cards with their picture and a short bio about them. They like to hand them out at team sports events because it’s a cool thing to do. Many teams have sets printed for each team member and different team trade cards. Schools can create trading cards for their athlete students to share with other schools.

Trading Cards printed with UV coating both sides gives your cards additional strength to last longer and stand rough handling. This is required when trading cards are used by children more than adults. Color Printing Pros offer a free trading card template to help you design your card so you don’t have to think about a production layout. All you have to do is the creative design artwork, upload your file to our site and we do the rest. We supply you with a free digital proof, so you can okay your work. Once approved, we print and ship. Your full color collector cards can be printed on thick 14 pt or heavy 16 pt card stock (This upgrade is FREE). Trading cards are also available in Short run.

Customer service is priority with us so if you need any advice or help in designing your card, be sure to call us. We are here for you. Color Printing Pros offers trading card printing at wholesale prices. Try us for your trading card printing and see for yourself why we are called the experts in trading card printing.

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