Creating files for spot UV printing is easy. The instructions are simple to follow. You will need 2 files for each side with spot UV. The first file is your artwork file. It has everything you want seen on your card – all your text and images. Whether you want a pattern for your UV or want to highlight certain items on your artwork, you need to make a Black & White mask. It must be 100% black. These items you have in black will be where the UV coating will be. Make sure you don’t overdo your spot UV. If you go crazy and use too much, your cards will look too gaudy. The items you have made to be spot UV will have that shiny and reflective UV coating. If you want to truly create a elegant and classy look, apply Spot UV to a silk laminated card.

Spot UV coating, when printed on a card, is impossible to overlook. This effect stands out and is immediately noticed. It adds both a textural and visual experience unlike ordinary cards. The idea behind a full color printed promotional card as a marketing tool is to attract positive attention and create interest in your message. Spot UV coating is an affordable technique that separates your promotion from your competition.

Spot UV can add a lot of interest, and can identify the printing as a premium piece of sales and marketing literature in the perception of the reader. The Spot UV technique is achieved by applying a UV gloss coating on top of a polished clay coated paper. This achieves maximum contrast between the highly reflective shiny UV coating and the more light-absorbing clay coated finish, which creates a striking first impression.
Just remember that to set up files for spot UV, an additional file (mask) must be created for every spot UV side. This mask must be black and white with the area to be UV- SOLID black 100% (no gradients) and the rest which will not have spot UV must be white. Send your grey scale mask file with your CYMK file for printing. Spot UV is so easy to create and it can add a lot of interest. Using Spot UV on your card can identify the printing as a premium piece of sales and marketing literature in the perception of the reader. Try it on your next project and see how much attention it will get you.

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