There are so many ways to print business cards that it can be confusing.  Choosing the best business card for your business requires some thought. To find out which type of card is best for you and your business,  ask yourself some questions about how you define your business.
• For businesses that are conservative professional practices, a subdued matte or silk laminate finish on a 16 pt. business card stock would be appropriate.
• The best business card for a jewelry store or luxury item business is a gold or silver foil on a silk card would be an excellent choice.
• 3.5 X 4 fold over business cards offer more information than a standard 3.5 X 2 card. They can be used as a mini brochure. Businesses wanting to provide more information than a standard business card provides will find this type helpful.
• Magnet business cards are the best cards for home service repair businesses and restaurants or take-out foods that deliver. Magnet cards with your name and emergency service phone numbers make a great promotion with a long life.
For businesses that want a unique stand out business card that will attract attention, consider a card with an eye candy Wow factor effect.  Spot UV coating is a popular choice. Then there are plastic cards with your choice of clear, frosted or white, these cards will be remembered. Akuafoil is a new process that lets you create blends and gradations of every cymk color and convert it to foil. Looking for something unique, lenticular business cards tell a story using two or three flips.  People love them because they are fun to play with and they are shown to other people.  Your name may be forgotten but your card will not.
  In the age of social media and smart phones, it’s easier to connect than ever before. However, even after a decade of technological revolution, there is one thing that can’t find any replacement: the good, old-fashioned business card. Whether you’re a job seeker trying to network efficiently, or a businessman trying to expand your corporate activity, business cards are a must. In fact, business cards don’t only talk about your professional identity, but they represent the first impression customers, associates and even competitors will have about your company or service. Therefore, since first impressions last forever, don’t let anything else but perfection speak about your business.
     Professional printing companies know exactly how to incorporate large amounts of information into the compact design of a business card, without making any compromise on quality or aspect. Consequently, the first and the most important benefit you obtain by contacting this type of service is that you can be sure that your business gets adequately communicated. While business cards are primarily engaged to generate information, their role in building brand recognition makes them powerful. Business cards have proved more than once that entrepreneurs and businessmen who effectively exploit their inherent set of advantages can raise awareness and educate the public. Needless to say, brand awareness is vital, particularly when you want your brand to be the first one people think of when considering a product or service.  High quality materials, state-of-the-art color printing techniques, great graphic effects, budget-friendly prices and original designs represent advantages you instantly gain by choosing the best business card.
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