High Definition Printing Is Here

Did you know that high definition printing is now available. It is all about the screens. Well, who cares about screens? If you buy offset color printing services, you should know the differences between the 2 different screen technologies used in commercial printing. It affects the quality of all your color printing. You may know some of this stuff but most people who buy printing don’t know what you will learn in this article. This is a little technical but stick with it because you may want to make some changes in the way your printing is printed. So let’s get started.

high definition offset printing

Compare the difference – convention printing vs high definition printing

Your files are made into screens for printing; it is the first step in the process. The screens are then transferred (offset) to 4 different metal plates. Each plate transfers the ink to a rubber blanket and the blanket offsets the ink onto the paper.

Most commercial printers use conventional AM (amplitude modulated) line screen dots that are arranged in a rosette pattern. That means each screens plate has to align perfectly at very high-speeds of rotations of the press cylinder to keep sharp registration. At a typical press run, speed alignment of the plates can be unstable. The way it works is some dots are large and some dots are small depending on their tonal value. The bigger the dots, the more ink they pick up.

The most commonly used line screen dots are 150 up to 300 dots per inch depending on the screens used by the printer. Printing companies choose a type of screen and use it for all their printing, so you can’t ask your printer to use high dot line screens. The problem is that conventional screens use a lot of ink that pools together so detail is reduced due to flooding the paper with too much ink. Color gamut is the range of color that can be printed. Too much ink inhibits subtle colors and tones are lost and the color gamut is reduced. Subtle colors cannot be printed and moiré patterns can occur in textured patterns. Another issue is banding in color gradations because it is difficult to print smooth transitions of color tones with AM screens.

The other screening method is known as FM (frequency modulated) stochastic (stuh-kas-tic) screens. There are different brands and they all have their own unique proprietary variations. These types of screens are different because FM screens are made with tiny specks similar to grain in photographs. As an example, I will use Kodak Staccato brand screens, which I am most familiar with.

FM screens use 20-micron irregular specs. 1 micron equals 0.000093701 of an inch or 1,000,000 to one yard. A 20-micron screen prints 1,270 specs per inch. These tiny microscopic specks are ideal for printing high definition details in photography, artwork, type and smooth color gradations.

Stochastic screens offer many advantages over conventional screens. They improve detail and definition. Reversed text prints cleaner and shadow and highlight detail are improved. There is also a wider color gamut. Use of these screens eliminates unwanted screen angle moiré, subject moiré and rosettes. The result is a photographic like continuous tone appearance with more color stability during the press run. When tonal and color instability occur using stochastic screens misregistration can occur but sharpness and quality are not affected. These are just some of the benefits of FM screens.

Like all print buyers you want your advertising, sales, marketing and branding promotions to be impressive and attract lots of attention at an affordable price. You may be surprised to learn that the cost and turn-around times using FM screening technology is probably no more and may be less money than what you are paying for conventional AM screen printing.

The next time you are ready to order color printing, ask your printing company what line screen they use and if they use stochastic screens. Don’t be surprised if they never heard of it. If they don’t, you can get higher quality printing by finding a company that uses high definition FM stochastic printing screen technology. When excellence is available, good is not enough.

Full Service EDDM For Political Campaigns

Ever wonder how Full Service EDDM Wins Political Campaigns.  EDDM  (Every Door Direct Mail)  is an effective, fast low cost way to let voters know why they should choose you as their candidate in an up and coming election. EDDM targets every home in your district with cheap campaign postcards. Many full service online printing services offer Every Door Direct Mail services that don’t need expensive mailing lists and imprinting, sorting and bulk mail permits. Mailing cost is only 18.3 cents for each piece and delivery is generally 1 to 2 days from the time it reaches the post office.

Running a political campaign is among the most time consuming, exhausting and challenging activities ever possible. You invest a lot of effort, energy and hard earned dollars into every aspect of your campaign, so it is imperative that you find a cost efficient and effective way to reach out to the majority. Regardless the size of your district, implementation of high saturation direct mail marketing is the most viable way to leave an impact in the districts where your constituents live.

Political candidates can easily reach every home and every address within their district using a using a U.S. Postal Service program known as Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM. All you have to do pick the neighborhoods using a map tool and deliver your message to every home on individual carrier routes you choose. With EDDM you can be sure that your message has been delivered to each voter thereby asking for support. Political campaigns no longer have to bear the high costs associated with traditional direct marketing; EDDM is the most cost effective and efficient way to send high quality mail pieces to your targeted voters for just 18.3 cents per piece.

The internet is important to all political campaigns, yet candidates spend massive amount of money on political direct mail for sole reason: It is effective. According to USPS political mail overview, 78 percent of the recipients tend to read or scan through their daily mail. This is the main reason campaigns constantly keep sending mail. However, the cost associated with traditional direct mail can be an expensive proposition especially for tight budget campaigns. But you need not to be disappointed, now there is a way through which you can do a lot more for alot less, i.e. use services of Every Door Direct Mail. This mailing service makes direct mail affordable by reducing the cost of traditional bulk mail and saving you the cost of permits and mailing lists.

Every Door Direct Mail lets you reach out to your target constituents via carrier routes using free zip code maps. Allowing you to customize your targeting options geographically, demographically or by specific locations, there is no need for you to provide a list containing addresses and names of voters. You can reach out to them by smartly selecting those routes that make sense for your political campaign.

EDDM provides you an inexpensive platform to reach out to your constituents; you only need to create powerful and impressive mail pieces. Using high quality paper be sure to add strong personalized messages and graphics to your mail pieces. Mixing technology with direct mail, be sure to include ways to bring your voters to your website by using a QR code (a two dimensional bar code) that provides quick access to your online media and website.

The political news cycles have become shorter than ever, which means that contemporary campaigns are built on speed and agility. An effective and successful election campaign recognizes this to be a key as Election Day approaches. Therefore, the use of EDDM services can help make an issue pop in the areas of their district with minimal cost to your campaign. The best way to send political messages rapidly and proficiently is using an EDDM and EDDM full service providers make this easy. Full service EDDM printing companies can take the guess work out of the EDDM process. You need only to select an accepted post office regulation size EDDM postcard and choose your individual carrier routes from a free online postal map, then upload artwork. They take care of the printing, paperwork and delivery.

When you combine your eye catching, outstanding mail pieces with low cost mail distribution, you have the most affordable, effective, efficient, simple and high power marketing strategy possible. Using Full service Every Door Direct Mail is the perfect solution for political campaigns that want their message to reach the largest number of voters while spending less time and money in the process. Let the printing pros do what they do best, printing and mailing.

Cheap Brochure Printing Online

If you ask veteran marketing experts about the most viable and effective direct marketing tool, they would say brochures. That’s because custom printed brochures are a very impressive and straightforward direct marketing strategy. Between all direct marketing techniques, brochures are the fastest, most convenient and most affordable way to deliver a specific detailed message to customers.brochure

Because they can be bulk mailed, handed out or placed on a counter brochures are well proven very effective way of strengthening your brand, building confidence in your products and services and creating more sales. Let your business convey a specific marketing message, provide helpful information about the product, service and directly promote it in an easy to read format.

Brochures are not only used to promote a particular product or service; they also can serve as information booklets. They can be informative and descriptive, providing elaborate information on various subjects and areas such as product details, company’s latest news, professional services, seminars, conferences, annual festivals, etc.

Another great value of a brochure is that it is a printed piece of paper that can be handed out, and/or sent by the direct mail services that can be provided by online printing services. An eye catching, professionally written and designed attention getting brochure has to have a compelling call to action to make it an foolproof way to promote products or services. This gives your marketing piece and brand credibility, functionality and still is cost-effective. It is the unsung hero of direct marketing, enough said!

Cheap Brochure Printing Online

An Idea Alternative That Suits the Digital Era

Now that you know brochures are instrumental for your marketing and promotion campaigns, the next logical step is to find the right way to have your brochures printed. Some business owners may suggest you opt for printing at a nearby print shop. Don’t go down that road without comparing prices and services that are available online. So if you’re running a small business and need some beautiful trifold brochures for a promotion, a local print shop may not offer the same services as a large online printing company.

Cheap custom brochure printing online may be the right answer for you. Any smart entrepreneur who strives to build their brand would sense his urging need for cheap brochure printing services. Advertising and promoting your business’ products and/or services must be on a regular basis to accomplish your marketing campaign goals to increasing your customer base for higher profits.

A less expensive Alternative

Printing custom brochures online is an extremely cheap alternative without compromising quality. The reason for this is that it’s more efficient to print a job on a large 4, 5 or 6 offset lithographic offset color press than on a small one that many local print shop use. The expensive part of the job is the make-ready on the press. After that, the costs are time on the press, paper costs, and bindery services. By using an online commercial printing company, you only pay for the square inches of paper you need and you share the cost of the printing plates, make-ready and the press run. Jobs using the same paper and quantities are combined and run together. The advantages then become are cheaper prices as well as the excellent quality.

You can Order Small Quantities

One unmatched merit of printing cheap brochures online is that you don’t have to order thousands of units; most online printing services allow you to order smaller quantities. These shorter run jobs of less than 500 are printed on digital presses that can also run variable data.

Fast Turnaround Time

If you think that printing brochures online takes a long time, you would be wrong. Despite the fact that many online brochure printing companies might be operating in a different city or state than the one in which your business is located, most reputable providers have standard turnaround times of 2-4 days for simple jobs and 5 to 7 for complicated jobs that require die cutting or special services. They also have same day and next day printing if you’re in a rush.

The truth is that most small local print shops do not have large presses that can print multiple jobs at the same time on a large sheet of paper. So with local printing, the cost is generally higher. Many of the smaller printing companies buy it from an online printing service and then add high mark-ups. If there is a problem with the job, you are often in the middle of resolving this problem. The bottom line is it’s always to your advantage to go online and check prices and services.


Why Does A Good Business Card Still Matters in the Digital Age

The business card has been an important part of making and maintaining contact with potential clients and partners for years and a good card is still as crucial today as it has always been. Ensuring you have a good quality card, usually through the use of custom business cards printing services, allows you to make an impression on the people you meet. Even in an era where email and the internet provides your potential customers with all of the information they need to know, a business card can still work wonders for your company for the following reasons.


For as long as companies have been doing business with each other, they have made use of custom business cards printing to ensure they have an impressive card to hand out to others. It has become something of a tradition in the business world and it is still very much expected by clients when you first meet them. Failure to live up to this expectation can leave a bad impression with those you meet, as the card provides them with all of the information that they need to contact you, without having to search it out for themselves online.

Showcasing the Business

Creativity goes a long way towards impressing your clients, which is where custom business cards printing can really work in your favor. You are aiming to make the biggest impression on your client as you possibly can, so having an eye-catching business card that they find interesting is an important step. This ensures that your business stays in the mind of anybody who happens to see the card. After all, it’s only a small step from remembering an interesting business card to remembering the person that gave it to you. Take advantage of this by offering a card that best represents everything that is interesting about your brand.

Not Everybody is Digital

This is something that smaller businesses in particular may come across at some point. Older clients may not be completely in tune with the digital age and many still appreciate having physical reminders of the companies that they do business with. Your aim as a business should be to cater towards as many people as possible, so ensure that you take advantage of custom business cards printing so that you have a little something for everyone.

They Are Portable

You never know where you might end up meeting a potential client. You could be stuck in an airport or waiting in a queue and suddenly find yourself in a conversation with somebody who may be able to make use of your services. As such, you should always ensure that you are completely prepared for such situations. It is hardly practical to carry around literature and other branding materials with you, and it is likely that a potential client would quickly forget any website details that you tell them. Having a business card available provides the potential client with a physical reminder of the conversation as well as the details they need to move things forward.

You need to ensure that you are readily equipped to promote your company at all times. Having a set of customized business cards at hand ensures that you will always be able to provide potential clients with essential information, in addition to allowing you to appeal to all segments of the market.


8 Cheap Branding Promotions


8 Cheap Promotions That Strengthen Branding

Branding is the foundation every successful business is built on. No matter how big or small a business its unique brand is what customers need to remember. All advertising, marketing and sales are dependent on the strength of the brand. Branding is what separates a company from its competition.

One of the best marketing strategies is printing cheap promotions that attract attention. Everybody loves “free”. Here are some ideas for cheap free give-away promotions that are fun, useful and keep your brand in front of customer’s eyes.

Bookmarks are a very popular promotion. Since so many people read books, custom printed bookmarks are a great way to reinforce your brand to adults, teens and children. Put product photos or cute photo or illustration and non-selling inspirational or humorous message on one side. On other side, add a strong call to action along with your logo, business name, address, phone number and web site. Your bookmarks free gift will be used for a long time and every time the book is opened, your brand and contact information will be seen.

Calendars are always a welcome free gift everyone can use and appreciate. They can be handed out or mailed to your targeted audience. The best thing is they are a full year’s promotion for a very low cost. It’s a good idea to distribute calendars around Thanksgiving so there is no rush to receive them before the holiday rush.

Magnets attract attention. They can promote a business for years. They are available in many sizes from 3.5 X 2 business card to 8.5 X 5.5. They can be printed with a team schedule or any other important emergency information like police, fire department, hospital or contacts and your ad can be placed on top or bottom of the magnet. 1,000 business card size printable magnets cost less the $ .17 each from some online wholesale print services.

Membership Cards are a fabulous restaurant and local store promotion. They are same size as credit cards so they make customers feel like VIPs. They can be offered as a freebee or as a valuable discount when a predetermined number of visits or total amount is spent. They can keep customers coming back to build and collect their rewards. To make membership cards more valuable, offer VIP specials on occasions like birthdays and holidays. If you let VIP’s bring guests, your member list will grow and so will your business. Membership cards are usually printed on 20 Pt. white plastic that can be printed on both sides. Frosted and clear plastic cards can only be printed on one side. White is the most popular choice for VIP membership cards. You can find them online.

Notepads are used by many local businesses including relators, doctors, dentists, attorneys and lots of other professionals and businesses that want to keep their name close to your eyes. Cheap notepads are available in 25 and 50 sheet glued chipboard backs. The standard popular sizes including 4.25 X 5, 4 X 6, 5.5 X 3.5, 8.5 X 5.5 and 8 X 11. They are usually printed on premium 70lb. white smooth offset paper that can be tinted to any CYMK color you choose. Buy them from a cheap online color printing service.

Stickers can be a collectable marketing promotion. Since customers want discounts let them earn and redeem them for points. Place a value on each sticker and when a given quantity is redeemed, an appropriate discount or item is given to them. The more stickers, the bigger the discount or the more expensive the gift. For a collectable promotion, the best size is 2.5 X 2.5 so a lot of stickers can be placed on a folded wallet size card with your company name printed on it. Stickers are available in many sizes and shapes and can also be used as labels. They are printed on 70 lb. crack-N-peel sheets or rolls. 5,000 roll stickers shouldn’t cost more than about $ .05 each from an online printer that prints stickers and labels.

T-Shirts printed with your businesses logo and a powerful eye candy graphic in full color. They are walking billboards that advertise a business. They can be sold or regular customers can earn them with points as a gift that builds customer loyalty. T-Shirts are affordable and the ROI can be very high when you consider the amount of coverage and the length of time they last. The cost depends on quantity of the order and the brand you choose. They can be ordered in mixed sizes so they fit everybody.

Trading Cards are a novel approach to marketing. The standard size for a trading card is 2.5 X 3.5 and they are printed in full color on both sides. One way to use them is: Make new custom trading cards every month and give them to your customers, it may drive them back at least once a month for another trading card. Once they collect 12 months of cards they have a full set and they are given a discount, free gift or reward. If the customer is a regular. As I said in the first paragraph, “Everyone loves getting something for free.” Any one of these eight marketing promotions will create higher brand awareness and a good ROI in a fun and affordable way. Building a loyal customer is the foundation of a successful brand every business is built on.