8 Cheap Branding Promotions


8 Cheap Promotions That Strengthen Branding

Branding is the foundation every successful business is built on. No matter how big or small a business its unique brand is what customers need to remember. All advertising, marketing and sales are dependent on the strength of the brand. Branding is what separates a company from its competition.

One of the best marketing strategies is printing cheap promotions that attract attention. Everybody loves “free”. Here are some ideas for cheap free give-away promotions that are fun, useful and keep your brand in front of customer’s eyes.

Bookmarks are a very popular promotion. Since so many people read books, custom printed bookmarks are a great way to reinforce your brand to adults, teens and children. Put product photos or cute photo or illustration and non-selling inspirational or humorous message on one side. On other side, add a strong call to action along with your logo, business name, address, phone number and web site. Your bookmarks free gift will be used for a long time and every time the book is opened, your brand and contact information will be seen.

Calendars are always a welcome free gift everyone can use and appreciate. They can be handed out or mailed to your targeted audience. The best thing is they are a full year’s promotion for a very low cost. It’s a good idea to distribute calendars around Thanksgiving so there is no rush to receive them before the holiday rush.

Magnets attract attention. They can promote a business for years. They are available in many sizes from 3.5 X 2 business card to 8.5 X 5.5. They can be printed with a team schedule or any other important emergency information like police, fire department, hospital or contacts and your ad can be placed on top or bottom of the magnet. 1,000 business card size printable magnets cost less the $ .17 each from some online wholesale print services.

Membership Cards are a fabulous restaurant and local store promotion. They are same size as credit cards so they make customers feel like VIPs. They can be offered as a freebee or as a valuable discount when a predetermined number of visits or total amount is spent. They can keep customers coming back to build and collect their rewards. To make membership cards more valuable, offer VIP specials on occasions like birthdays and holidays. If you let VIP’s bring guests, your member list will grow and so will your business. Membership cards are usually printed on 20 Pt. white plastic that can be printed on both sides. Frosted and clear plastic cards can only be printed on one side. White is the most popular choice for VIP membership cards. You can find them online.

Notepads are used by many local businesses including relators, doctors, dentists, attorneys and lots of other professionals and businesses that want to keep their name close to your eyes. Cheap notepads are available in 25 and 50 sheet glued chipboard backs. The standard popular sizes including 4.25 X 5, 4 X 6, 5.5 X 3.5, 8.5 X 5.5 and 8 X 11. They are usually printed on premium 70lb. white smooth offset paper that can be tinted to any CYMK color you choose. Buy them from a cheap online color printing service.

Stickers can be a collectable marketing promotion. Since customers want discounts let them earn and redeem them for points. Place a value on each sticker and when a given quantity is redeemed, an appropriate discount or item is given to them. The more stickers, the bigger the discount or the more expensive the gift. For a collectable promotion, the best size is 2.5 X 2.5 so a lot of stickers can be placed on a folded wallet size card with your company name printed on it. Stickers are available in many sizes and shapes and can also be used as labels. They are printed on 70 lb. crack-N-peel sheets or rolls. 5,000 roll stickers shouldn’t cost more than about $ .05 each from an online printer that prints stickers and labels.

T-Shirts printed with your businesses logo and a powerful eye candy graphic in full color. They are walking billboards that advertise a business. They can be sold or regular customers can earn them with points as a gift that builds customer loyalty. T-Shirts are affordable and the ROI can be very high when you consider the amount of coverage and the length of time they last. The cost depends on quantity of the order and the brand you choose. They can be ordered in mixed sizes so they fit everybody.

Trading Cards are a novel approach to marketing. The standard size for a trading card is 2.5 X 3.5 and they are printed in full color on both sides. One way to use them is: Make new custom trading cards every month and give them to your customers, it may drive them back at least once a month for another trading card. Once they collect 12 months of cards they have a full set and they are given a discount, free gift or reward. If the customer is a regular. As I said in the first paragraph, “Everyone loves getting something for free.” Any one of these eight marketing promotions will create higher brand awareness and a good ROI in a fun and affordable way. Building a loyal customer is the foundation of a successful brand every business is built on.