The cheapest business cards online may not be as cheap as you believe them to be. Some online printing services use marketing strategies that cost more than you might pay to get a better value from another service that uses a different strategy.

Here is an example I took from the internet to make my point. Both are competitors and provide excellent quality printing.

Printing service A has a popular high Google ranking and retails 1,000 business cards printed one side on 14 Pt card stock for $68.81. They offer a 60% discount that reduces the price by $ 41.29 to a total of $27.52 . That is $.28 each, and that’s an attractive price. If you add the options most people would want such as printing in the back side the price goes up to $35.30, and with an upgrade to heavier 16 Pt card stock the discount price is now $45.20 or $.0452 ea. Then you need to add the option of high gloss UV coating on both sides and now the total price jumps to $56.50. This makes the unit cost of 1,000 cards now $.565 each. The production time for these cards is 5 business days.

Printing service B does not have as high ranking and sells its business cards online offering a free upgrade from 14 Pt to 16 Pt card stock and your choice of glossy UV coating or matte/dull aqueous coating 1000 cards for $36.00. That means without getting the special discount offered by the other company, you get all the options you want at a cheaper price which saves you $47.06 from the advertised discount online price. Not only are you getting greater value as well as excellent quality but their standard production time is 2-4 business days. This is clearly the better choice for your printing.

If you’re looking for cheap, but not bargain basement color printing services, and would like unique business cards, looking for the cheapest best value can be found. Some of the smaller online printing services offer more paper choices, spot UV, raised spot UV, silk cards, waterproof cards, plastic cards, lenticular cards, satin coating, silver or gold foil as well as full color foil cards. Uniqueness can help you stand out from your competition and choosing a WoW factor is a great marketing move.

Bigger printing businesses have bigger budgets to advertise their sites on the major search engines or on TV, that has nothing to do with the quality of their printing, price and value. When you are buying printing online, you should be aware that all full colorprinting services are not the same. In fact, a printing company that offers top customer care can offer more. Their experienced printing professionals can help you with your choices; they can even consult with you if needed. When you call, you will get the same people all the time who remember you when you call again.

Two of the top searches for business card printing services on Google are “cheap business cards” with 83,100,000 and “cheap business cards online” has 91,600,00 results as of this writing. Most people searching those keywords never go past the first page and miss many of the best value printing services a few pages back.

The best way to find the right online printing company for you is to call a few first. How long was it before the phone was answered? Was the phone answered by a printing professional that could answer your questions? How long did it take to connect you with a sales representative? If you have the time, it’s a good idea to ask for free samples of the products you are interested in. Many companies have a sample form online. Fill it out and see how long it takes to receive samples. They make sure that the samples you receive are the high quality you expect.

Follow these ideas and you will probably find that printing service you are looking for. One that gives you the value you expect and quality you want at the cheapest price.